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Bitcoin Will End Government Tyranny

Vaccine mandates. Lockdowns. The 24-hour surveillance of your internet viewing habits and your phone calls. The broken border. Out of control illegal immigration. The coronavirus. Big tech suppressing free speech online and interfering in the 2020 election are all symptoms of a much bigger problem.

Our governments are out of control. State, federal and local governments have gone completely mad with power since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The mask finally slipped off, exposing the people in government for who they were. They are power-hungry, egotistical people who think they know how to run your life better than you do! Who are they to tell you what to do?

Do the people working in government start this way, or is there something else that is corrupting otherwise reasonable people to turn into tyrants? I would venture to guess that most normal people don't wake up in the morning to ruin people's lives, but something is compelling them to do so.

Fiat Money Corrupts Absolutely

What is the source of corruption in our governing system? When you strip away everything from politics and government, all you are left with is the dollar. The dollar and who gets to control the dollar are at the root of the corruption we see at all levels of government. When the federal government is printing trillions of dollars year after year, it induces leaders in state government to want to get in on the "free" money being handed out.

And why not? They don't have to tax their citizens for it. They don't have to grow their economies. They have to abide by a set of demands by the federal government, which state governments are all too happy to oblige. State governments have increasingly relied on federal funds to balance their budgets, especially during economic downturns. This makes it easy for the federal government to impose its will on states to do their bidding, thus corrupting legislatures and the bureaucracy that goes along with it.

The money printer is the root of corruption, and nothing will change until the populace addresses this issue. So how can we turn off the money printer and take power to corrupt our elected officials out of the hands of the federal government?

Bitcoin Is The Solution

If we are to take back control of our lives and our government, we must stop using the currency that gives them the power to do this. Is this a radical idea? Perhaps we are in troubling times and need solutions that strike at the root of the problem. Are you happy with 6.8 percent inflation? Mind you, it is likely twice as high as they say, and congress is borrowing more money as we speak. The debt ceiling was increased again by $2.5 trillion. More kicking the can down the road. How do you think this ends? We are in a debt spiral, folks, and these don't end well.

When enough people adopt a Bitcoin standard, your wealth will be protected from the ravages of inflation, and you will enforce fiscal discipline on the governments.

This will happen when people prefer to get paid and save in Bitcoin instead of dollars. Will we get to see it in our lifetimes? Maybe, but taking the first step will make it easier for the next person to adopt Bitcoin.

The beauty of Bitcoin is you can start acquiring it today. It's a monetary revolution that everyone can join! I urge you to give it a try. Buy $5 worth today and hold it for one year. You can see the difference a year makes between how much your Bitcoin is worth and how much less your dollar is worth.

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