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Can You Live On Bitcoin?

Can You Live On Bitcoin Alone?

What good is a new monetary system if you can't use it to buy stuff? Can I use Bitcoin to buy groceries or put gas in my car? I hear these types of questions from Bitcoin skeptics all the time.

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can live on your own personal Bitcoin standard today if you so choose. This is the beauty of Bitcoin; no one forces you to use it. It is simply a monetary tool that you can use to preserve your wealth.

There are different ways that you can choose to #getonzero fiat dollars. Check out the different ways you can get on zero today.


The Fold APP has been around for a while and is a well-established brand in the Bitcoin world. The fold app works by purchasing gift cards from them on the app and earning a percentage back in satoshis. A satoshi or "sat" is a smaller unit of a Bitcoin. This is similar to breaking down a dollar into cents.

The app has gift cards to many of the most popular brands out there and growing all the time. Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Chipotle, Door Dash, Old Navy are some brands for which you can purchase gift cards.

The great thing about Fold is you can pay for your gift cards with a lightning wallet such as MUUN, Bluewallet, or Breez.

All three of these wallets allow you to buy Bitcoin directly in the app, so you can load up your wallet with Bitcoin and spend it quickly. Spend sats earn sats back; you can beat that!

Pay With Moon

Pay With Moon is another way to #getonzero dollars and live purely on Bitcoin. This solution works in a much different way than Fold. The way Pay With Moon works is you can send them sats via a lightning wallet, and they give you a virtual credit card in fiat that you can use to pay your fiat bills every month. With this option, there is no need to keep your money in a checking account for any time! This is one of my favorite as a Bitcoiner!

Strike App

This is another personal favorite of mine and works in a different way as well from the two options listed above. Strike does the exact opposite of Pay With Moon. Strike allows you to deposit and hold dollars with them and spend them via a lightning wallet. Strike is great for beginners who want to dip their toe into the world of Bitcoin but still want to use dollars as a familiar center of gravity.

Strike is super simple to use, and you can get started in under 5 minutes. Strike does have a deposit limit of $1000, so if you want to go all-in, you may want to skip this option. You can also purchase Bitcoin within the app and send it to your self-custody wallet (HIGHLY recommended). Remember, "Not your keys. Not your Bitcoin".

Use Bitcoin As Currency

This is the simplest way to live on zero fiat. Making Bitcoin your money eliminates the need to bounce back and forth between fiat and dollars. Finding businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment is growing every day, and it is only a matter of time before your local stores accept it.

SpendABit is a directory of businesses that accept Bitcoin as payment. I personally have not used it, but it looks promising.

Here is another source you may find helpful. Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

Read more: Who Accepts Bitcoins in 2022? List of 20+ Major Companies |. 99Bitcoins

You can aid in the adoption of Bitcoin by introducing the concept to businesses where you shop. This might spur them into action and make them want to learn more about Bitcoin and start selling their products and services for Bitcoin.

Everyone can participate in this monetary revolution. Bitcoin is our money. Bitcoin is freedom money. Let us take our freedom and wealth that was stolen from us.

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