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Buy Bitcoin Before It's Too Late!

If you have been paying attention to the stock and crypto markets lately, you have seen the bloodbath since the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates to combat record-high inflation. Predictably the stonk market crashed, and the price of Bitcoin went down with it as well.

The stock market and the Bitcoin price are highly correlated as the people with large amounts of money to invest view Bitcoin as just another "tech" stock to day trade.

They don't understand they are playing fast and loose with the world's hardest money ever known to exist.

Their lack of knowledge and conviction to hold the Bitcoin has created a golden opportunity for the everyday person, aka "the plebs," to acquire Bitcoin at a massive discount! As of this writing,

Bitcoin is trading in the 28k-30k range. If you have been around Bitcoin for a while, you know that Bitcoin won't be trading in this range forever. There is a good chance that Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high before the year is over, and all this can happen in an instance.

When the price increases, you don't want to be caught without any Bitcoin. It is said that Bitcoin achieves massive gains during three days of the year. It is impossible to time when this will happen, so don't try to time the market.

If you want to reap the gains, you must invest time. You have to buy and hold Bitcoin, also known as HODL. If you can HODL, you are golden, but it is hard to do daily.

To HODL, you have to take the emotion out of investing. This is what trips up many people with regular investing as well.

They see their investment portfolio drop by 50 percent and freak out. This leads to panic selling and getting rekt. If you keep your cool and invest regardless of the price, you will reap the reward of being patient.

This is what is called having a low-time preference. This thinking was the norm before the federal reserve cratered interest and made it impossible for consumers to save money in a bank account. Bitcoin has changed this dynamic forever.

Bitcoin allows you to save money and grow your wealth again instead of relying on the stonk market casino and investment portfolio managers.

Bitcoin makes wealth building easy again and rewards people with a low-time preference.

Stack sats, stay humble, and you win. This is the way.

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