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Is It Time To Freak Out?

Yes It’s Time To Make Moves.

What's up, guys? Have you been paying attention to the stock market and the Bitcoin price for the last few days? Both seem to be driving downhill with no brakes. The S&P 500 has already lost 14 percent this year, while the NASDAQ has declined 22 percent.

How has Bitcoin performed over this period? Not great, to be honest. Bitcoin is down 53 percent from its all-time high. It is currently trading in the low 30K range and is poised to go even lower.

So why is this happening right now? The federal reserve has decided to raise interest rates to rein in inflation. Last month's inflation numbers checked in at an 8.5 percent clip, which continued an upward trajectory from May of 2021. The Federal Reserve expected the inflation numbers to start trending down by now, and when they saw that it wasn't, they began to freak out.

Inflation Is Lowering Your Standard Of Living

You would think they would see this coming? They are the ones that control the monetary controls and have thousands of economists and top minds working on this issue alone. Are they this incompetent? It sure seems that way. This is scary if you think about it for a second. A few dozen well-connected people are determining how we get to live, what we can afford, and how much our retirement savings are worth.

I can tell you for sure that they knew that once they started raising interest rates, it would severely impact the economy. The Federal Reserve willingly chose to make life difficult for you right now. The entire economy is based on credit. When you make the price of credit more expensive, what they are doing when they raise interest rates makes consumers borrow less money.

This means less money circulating in the economy and drives down demand for goods and services. Believe it or not, they want a recession simply because this is the only way they can survive. The Federal government and the Federal Reserve could care less if there was a recession as this is the preferred option over people losing faith in the dollar.

High inflation over a long period erodes the trust in the US dollar as a global reserve asset. It's that simple. High inflation makes consumers and countries look for better ways to preserve their wealth. In the past, items such as real estate, collectibles, bonds, and stocks were suitable vehicles to protect and grow your wealth, but this may no longer be the case.

Democracies in the west have become more oppressive over time and have repeatedly shown they can't be trusted with our money. Here are a few prime examples of government tyranny over money.



Dollars, cars, real estate, gold, and bonds have counterparty risks. If you don't own it, someone can take it from you. What if there was a better way to store your valuable and keep it safe with no counterparty risk?

Bitcoin Is The Way

Despite Bitcoin's recent plunge in price, the fundamentals of Bitcoin have not changed. There will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever created. Period. This will never change. A centralized authority doesn't control the Bitcoin protocol, so there is no risk of being inflated like the US dollar. The Bitcoin nodes that confirm transactions are geographically dispersed worldwide, ensuring the protocol can live on despite attacks from nefarious actors.

When China banned Bitcoin in their country, you could hardly tell anything happened despite losing a significant amount of hashrate. The Bitcoin network worked as it was intended.

No one has ever hacked Bitcoin in the 13 years it has existed. Honestly, it is the best form of money we have ever had. You can trust Bitcoin. I certainly trust it more than fiat currencies.

I invite you to learn more about Bitcoin and how it can benefit you and your family. If you want to build generational wealth. Bitcoin is the way to do it.

If you have questions about Bitcoin or how to get started, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always willing to help!

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