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Building A Parallel Economy

Building a parallel economy is desperately needed now more than ever. Unimaginable tyranny has been unleashed during the almost two years of this pandemic with no end in sight. The world is treating unvaccinated people like second-class citizens. Mandating someone to get an experimental drug against their wishes violates our rights as human beings not to have something injected into us by force or coercion. Take a look at what is going on around the world:




New York

No one thought this was a possible pre-pandemic, yet here we are. People are losing their jobs, livelihoods, homes, and lives over this vaccine. How is this all possible? What gives the government the power to do this is the dollar. They can print money at a click of a button, and the politicians dole it out to their cronies in big tech and social media to uphold the narrative at any cost. We see it every day. The censorship of politicians such as President Trump and Marjorie Taylor Green and the silencing of dissident voices who speak out against the vaccine and mandates are shut down.

The freakin inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, was permanently banned from Twitter for discussing the vaccine's dangers to children. This is communist-level censorship we are talking about here. We are not allowed to openly discuss topics in a free and open way on big tech platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The narrative they are pushing is demonstrably false and easy to poke holes in simply by looking at the data. Numbers don't lie. The lockdowns don't work. Masking doesn't work. Social distancing doesn't work.

Do you know what does? Being healthy. Staying active and eating right. Getting 8 hours of sleep and taking vitamins. They don't tell you this stuff because there is no money in it for big pharma. Governments like to control people, so they are sure they will not tell you the truth.

Leaving The Old World Behind

If we want to create a parallel economy separate from the corrupt economy, we must stop using the currency that oppresses us. This means adopting a new form of money that they don't control. Bitcoin is the solution to that problem. It is open-source, permissionless, secure, and has a finite supply. No one can inflate the amount of Bitcoin in circulation. It is set at 21 million coins to be produced and will always be 21 million.

This means over time, your Bitcoin will appreciate versus a dollar that goes down in value yearly due to inflation. Bitcoin protects your wealth. The dollar destroys it. It's that simple. The beauty about Bitcoin is you can start using it today. You don't need permission from the government to buy it, work for Bitcoin, or transact in Bitcoin. You can do business with patriot businesses today.

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Adopting a Bitcoin standard is the only way to achieve monetary freedom and exchange value with like-minded people that share your values. With Bitcoin, banks can't stop you from doing business with companies they don't like. BITCOIN TAKES POWER FROM THE GOVERNMENT, BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG PHARMA, AND THE BANKS.

Are you tired of entities in your life constantly telling you what to do, how to feel, and what to spend your money on? Bitcoin fixes all of this. I can't stress the importance of Bitcoin enough. It's more than a new flashy investment or some weird internet thing. This technology returns power and sovereignty to the individual, just as the founder envisioned. BITCOIN IS THE REVOLUTION.

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