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Friday News Roundup: The World Is On Fire!

We made it through another week, and more craziness came out from the federal reserve. Is it me, or are they trying to break something to have a pretext to start printing money again? Without a newsletter, I'm thinking about making Fridays like a news round-up for the week, so you can get a birdseye view of what is happening worldwide. It's all connected; it just takes time to put the pieces together.

Forced Selling Of Everything" - UK Pension Funds Are Still Liquidating Assets, Seeking Bailouts

Fed’s preferred gauge shows inflation accelerated even more than expected in August

Unidentified drones were spotted near offshore installations days before Nord Stream attack

Putin announces illegal annexation of Ukrainian regions, pledging people there will be Russian ‘forever’

A Ponzi scheme by any other name: the bursting of China’s property bubble

Legendary short-seller Jim Chanos says investors are overlooking a major risk - China's real-estate crisis: 'We ignore it at our own peril

The Housing Market Is Slowing. Just Look at Lumber Prices

Bitcoin, British pound trading volume soars 1,150% as UK’s currency risks dollar parity

Something big could be about to break in markets as rates continue to rise

People are worried about bond market liquidity

When you put everything together, you can see the world is balancing on a knife's edge. Something big is about to happen, either financially, geopolitically, or both. We are at the beginning of a major, major crisis. I advise you to keep as much of your wealth outside the fiat currency system as possible. I highly recommend Bitcoin as it is the most liquid and easy-to-access market for the regular person.

Stay safe out there and keep your eye on the markets.

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