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Jul 184 min read

Don't Get Left Behind

We Are Still Early But Don’t Wait Too Long

If you are hesitant about owning Bitcoin, I can understand your hesitation to want to invest your hard-earned money into a technology that you don't understand. It is human nature to be cautious about what you don't understand. This has allowed us to survive in the world this long, right?

Being cautious is brilliant, but don't let it sabotage you into missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure your wealth for you and your progeny. Never in the history of man has there been an opportunity to obtain a better form of money before the powers become aware of just how powerful Bitcoin is. Bitcoin represents an existential threat to them.

With curiosity and education, you will be confident enough in the properties of Bitcoin that you will be rushing to add to your Bitcoin stack hand over fist. I used to be like you, a "pre-coiner" in Bitcoin slang, not knowing anything about Bitcoin, but I took the time to research and learn more about this revolutionary technology.

I wouldn't be here writing this blog if I didn't believe in the promise of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will transform the world in the following ways.

Bitcoin Makes Government Live Within Its Means

This is a significant benefit of Bitcoin adoption. The national debt is $29 trillion and climbing with no end in sight. As the world reserve currency, they can not stop printing money. The United States is the printing press for the world. We stop printing the global economy crumbles. It's that simple. This means the dollar will continue to devalue, and inflation will continue unabated until the dollar loses all value. The United States is caught in what is called the Triffin Dilemma. This phenomenon is named after Belgian-American economist Robert Triffin, who identified this problem.

The federal government will have to purchase Bitcoin at some point to balance their books to keep from collapsing, and with this adoption comes restriction. When this adoption happens, they will no longer be able to print unlimited dollars and debase the currency. We would also have more transparency into how the government is spending money. Bitcoin transactions are on a public ledger for all to see. There will be no more hiding budgets off book or black budgets for covert ops.

This will make our government more accountable to the people and pass laws that benefit the country instead of campaign donors.

Bitcoin Will Speed Up The Adoption of Independent Power Generation

Moving to a Bitcoin standard will accelerate the transition to energy independence. I am a fan of "green energy," not for the environmental aspects but the national security implications. Decentralizing power generation by having more solar power across America will ensure that the power grid is resilient and can withstand attacks from adversaries. Centralized power generation makes us an easy target.

The problem with solar power right now is it produces much of its power during the day when most people are at work, which means this power is left stranded and wasted. Batteries are still too expensive to be a comprehensive solution to this problem. This, in turn, makes it where solar doesn't get deployed because solar companies won't be rewarded for it.

Bitcoin mining is the solution to the solar problem. Bitcoin mining machines use a lot of power and can be shut off instantly. Put a mining operation next to a solar farm and get a two-fold benefit. More Bitcoin being mined, securing the Bitcoin network overall, and deploying more solar power is a win for everyone.

Bitcoin Will Protect Your Wealth

Lastly, Bitcoin will protect your wealth and give you peace of mind knowing that your wealth is in your hands and no one can take it from you. Bank accounts can be seized. Homes can be taken from you. Gold and silver can be taken from you. They can't take your Bitcoin from you. You can even save it in your head. No one can take it from you if you have the 24-word seed phrase memorized or hidden somewhere. Bitcoin is genuinely revolutionary. Its safe, secure, and has a limited supply.

I urge you not to be left behind. Buy Bitcoin now and hold onto it. You will be happy that you did.

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