Pan's AGnosis

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The environmental crisis is much more than global warming- human-made climate change is a *result*, and so is overpopulation.

The actual crisis is Ecocide: the ongoing destruction of our natural "environment" - which is * part of our bodies*.

It isn't just about polar icecaps melting - it's about the mass deforestation, destruction of topsoils and other natural habitats, unsustainable fishing and hunting, contamination of sea and groundwaters, and mass industrial pollution of all kinds- chemical, sonic, and light pollution.

I am not a materialist and neither do I worship at the altar of science. There are layers to reality as I see it, and on another level the crisis is about desperately trying to prevent the resurgence and evolution of humanity and the birth of truly conscious life on the planet....

This futile attempt to harness the planet is being orchestrated on a mass scale by people and groups who literally do not care about your life, or about any kind of future that does not involve them as the owners of the planet. If you think you can appeal to a psychopath to stop being a psychopath, I think you are in for some trouble. Asking the government to "tell the truth" is like asking a dog to speak!

The current "Rebellion" sounds to me more like tea and biscuits, I am sorry to say! Asking the police for permission to protest, theatrics and samba bands, that is not rebellion unless we want to change the meaning of the word- which is easier than actually revolting. I am talking about action that actually has an effect and does not time out because business as usual must resume!

The apocalypse is not in the future. There is only now. The apocalypse is happening now, and it is a zombie apocalypse. This is is not a joke post, but maintaining a sense of humour is the only way to retain sanity, in my experience. If you doubt the reality of zombies you don't need to go to Haiti. A trip to your nearest 24-hour supermarket will suffice.

I hope the preceding paragraphs are enough to ward off those sensitive to "negativity"!

*No amount of negativity is sufficient* to describe the situation and the incredible extent of fakery, deception and lies that have continued for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Meanwhile, the mantra "Reduce carbon emissions" sounds like the pathetic whimper of a professional liar who has run out of lies.

Merely cutting carbon emissions will not allow us to masturbate on our personal alienation devices for much longer. The "climate crisis" is a narrative formulated as a way out of addressing the roots of the problem and actually taking effective action. Effective action implies the dismantling not only of the corporate/military/industrial/banking gangbang, it also demands the undoing of the narratives that led humanity to this literal dead end. Abrahamic religion must end. There is no redemption there, only more tribalism, war and suffering. The psychopathic paradigm of power must end. The pyramid must topple. Military superpowers must be dismantled into smaller nation-states. As someone who saw the bigger picture said: We must wake up from the nightmare of history!

The above is not a call to arms- violent revolutions have historically not brought about humane results and have been made history by advances in weapons and surveillance technology. Direct action to protect "the environment" in specific ways can work but these are temporary solutions that only buy us a little more time.

The narrative of endless growth, "development" and mass production must end. The concept of one central entity producing goods or energy en masse, so as to sell en masse and accumulate profits- all these things must end. This is not about communism which pushed a grim vision of human beings as "workers" and lacked any sense of a spiritual aspect of life. If you think I am pushing some kind of "liberal" or "left" or "alt-right" "agenda" then you have not understood where these words are coming from....

Modern culture in the West (and by virtue of military dominance, the rest of the planet) has become a technological extension of feudarchy, and a mind control system that is a natural escalation from the previous centuries' mind control system, which was Abrahamic religion. That paradigm has not been debunked but merely updated by science, as the forced march of progress towards extinction continues.

The false god of the Abrahamic narrative gave his supposed children permission to endlessly multiply, own and exploit the earth and all other creatures on it. Science largely enabled the subjects to accomplish that objective. Continuing on the good work of the Church, which demanded a continuous supply of meat for the grinder, hierarchically controlled technological "progress" enabled us to multiply in numbers much greater than would have been possible otherwise. This has created a situation where vast numbers of human beings on the planet are entirely dependent on the products of technocracy, not for posting on Instagram, but for mere survival. Millions of people in urban areas would quickly perish if the electricity or water supply was cut off. In a sense these people are expendable. They have no land or source of food or water except what is sold to them by the machine.

What is happening now in the US and many UK cities is only the beginning- the future according to the status quo contains massive 3rd world slums, in both hemispheres, subsisting on artificial food while what's left of the land is a wasteland covered with garbage. This is already a reality in the so-called "developing " countries. What has been happening to the so-called "developing" world (another telling word) for decades is now happening in the US and the UK and coming soon to a city near you...First world consumers do not believe this can happen to us, because we "work hard" and are simply smarter than those poor brown folks, and think along the lines of " it is so unfortunate they cannot get it together isn't it?", blissfully unaware that the plight of the 3rd world is entirely a result of 1st world inhumane greed and ruthless "divide and conquer" deliberate policies of subjugation and exploitation, carried out over centuries. (African tribalism is undeniable, but who sells them the guns?)

No solutions handed down by the governments and media are real and expecting this to change seems extremely naive. Switching to energy saving lightbulbs (and then LEDs) was a drop in the ocean, and so is using hybrid cars and solar panels. The crisis is the result of mass extraction of resources and mass industrial activity, a result of the "growth " paradigm. Within this paradigm, even the most wholesome acitvity such as producing food and medicine becomes a toxic exploitation of planet and people. When the owners of the planet say "we must feed the world" what they're really saying is "we need more".

Centrally mass produced / extracted, and hierarchically owned resources, sold en masse to the masses of landless peasants, is the problem. I refuse to recognise greed as "human nature". This greed is taught and can be un-learned.

The nature of evil is a related topic but I am not recycling conspiracy theories here. I do not assume that the actions of human beings are generally undertaken in any sort of coherently conscious manner- in other words I am not positing a conscious action by covert groups to destroy the planet's ability to support anything more than insects and micro-organisms... or to create a prison planet where human beings are quite literally farmed like other farm animals, kept artificially alive until they are no longer useful. But this is what is happening on a gross level. George Orwell would not have made it far, had he written that book in the 21st century....

Our relationships to our own bodies must change, because the body is the Earth. The whole concept of a body separate from the mind must change! We have a violent and possessive relationship to our own bodies, from which we are alienated to the extent that we can carry massive tension in our body for years without even realising it is there, until something gives and the pain begins. This is neglect. Numbed consumption of stuff that our body doesn't want is violence - and this refers to junk we consume in general, not just processed meat. Even the way we do physical exercise in the west is violent to our bodies!

The numbed consumption of American "culture" must end. Let the frequency of violent foreplay in TV series be a reminder of this!!|! That does not look like intimacy, but more like vampiric feeding. We are being spoon-fed a forced version of what human beings are supposed to be, a false image.

The American dream, and whatever abominable version of it was introduced to the UK by the Thatcher and its followers must end. The individualist mentality that has been forcefully cultivated in the US and UK and now mass exported to the rest of the world must end. Human relationships and culture cannot be reduced to business transactions, and "business" itself MUST END. The planet is not a marketplace and cannot be owned by merchants and their shills.

The UK/US work ethic must end- it is not far from slavery. You do not exist to get busy and you do not have to justify your existence by being "productive".

The narrative of science as the only valid source of understanding of the world must end.

*Warning: Metaphysics with no peer-reviewed scientific studies to back it up follows!*

The planet is not a system or a collection of systems. It is a conscious, living and immortal entity that possesses a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE than all the PhD graduates alive and dead combined!

Please Repeat the above until it sinks in. Surprise, mofo, you are not God! You cannot kill the planet, but it can easily kill you...

The human species is an unfinished work, and not the pinnacle of evolution on the planet. There is no hierarchy with amoebas at the bottom and human beings at the top!

You are not born human. You must become human- that is the real work here... and we all know the qualities of human-ness, don't we??

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