Pan's AGnosis

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In the following scenario, the human species and the planet are under threat !

A host of parasitic and predatory entities feeding on humanity and the planet need a constant atmosphere of fear in order for them to feed. Without that, they are unable to immobilise their prey for long enough with their mind control trickery.

The fear of death is their favourite. This primal fear is reinforced by a lack of a spiritual dimension in human life, and an intense identification with the ego. Both of these related diseases are prevalent in modernised societies; social media and selfie culture have further reinforced them.

The selfie obsession has the same effect as spending time looking at yourself in the mirror (I'm me/I'm so pretty/I'm so ugly), but massively amplified. For many people their social media persona is now a large part of their life and who they think they are. "Safe spaces" and echo chambers are important to them as they live an increasingly sheltered, sanitised existence - while being made to feel constantly insecure.

The influence of western (American) culture is global as it is exported almost everywhere with TV and cinema, and this culture stems largely from Judaeo-Christian culture, which cultivated the fear of death for two millennia by promising a metaphysical trial with God as the judge; and eternal pain, suffering and horror for those found guilty (i.e. most of us).

This psychological terrorism along with the genocide that preceded it has caused a generational trauma that has become part of a collective PTSD. The modern secular western person, more or less completely identified with their ego, vaguely imagines death as the ultimate loss, the final "game over" screen, and does their best to avoid thinking or talking about it.

Modern culture is becoming more and more like a prison because of its constant attempts to cheat death, and hold it back at any cost. Pre-Abrahamic cultures had different arrangements with the "grim reaper". I speculate that the commencement of blood sacrifices by male priests (instead of women using menstrual blood to bring fertility ) is what precipitated monotheism, invasion of the body snatchers and the current state of decay.

Even IF some viruses cause deadly disease (NOT proven), those viruses are ecologically better than vaccines. This is because the human population, thanks to technology, lacks any biological predators and is over-running the planet.

By mass overuse of antibiotics and other synthetic drugs "we" have artificially lowered mortality rates and contributed further to the imbalance caused to the ecosystem through the greed of those driven by the parasites. (Ecocide is not the fault of all of us collectively, except insofar as we fail to oppose it). This may sound like a heartless way to think, as of course nobody wants to lose any loved ones and every premature death is a tragedy, but I am talking about large time scales and the welfare of the entire biosphere.

Neither am I proposing that anyone has the authority to take on the work of nature in creating or taking life! This is another way that humanity is led astray: the idea that human beings can become gods, known as hubris in pagan Europe.

Similarly, I am not suggesting that "they" are planning to wipe out vast swathes of the planet's population. Simply put, you are of no use to them if you're dead, and this is why the Catholic church, one of the most powerful and evil criminal organisations of all time and major conduit for the influence of the predators/parasites, insisted (insists?) on no contraception and no abortion. More meat for the grinder is always needed.

The idea that human life is somehow more sacred than other living organisms is of course another biblical narrative and still permeates modern thinking. Yahweh, the chief Archon, gave his chosen ones (assumed by well-meaning Christians to be a code for the human species in general) permission to multiply endlessly and own the planet. As we are discovering, however, life without the rest of the biosphere is not going to be much fun.

Science, not as far from religion as many think, refuses to recognise the intelligence of nature, let alone the fact that this intelligence is many orders of magnitude greater than ours.

The aforementioned entities encourage a mentality in which our bodies are just meat bags that get in the way of a purer mental existence, and the planet is simply a spaceship to be discarded once it has been used up, as we move onto a fully artificial, cybernetic "life" and become gods....

The urge to sever the connection with the biosphere (and hence the body) is ever-present because the magic of the earth and the life-force that imbues it is what the entities influencing human thought and behaviour desperately lack and can never obtain. Because of this, they are determined to destroy it and attempt to establish their own domain, a static crystalline power matrix that they think will be immortality but is in fact oblivion.

In this sense we are witnessing the process of their self-destruction, with very serious collateral damage. From a "Gnostic" perspective, these entities (called Archons in some "Gnostic" texts) are psychic parasites without a true living essence- they are empty shells, emerging as the aborted by-products of a cosmic anomaly, which was the transformation of the Goddess into this living planet. This is the real "singularity" that science grasps at, and the source of the "gnostic" claim that this world came about by an error.

What the "gnostic" teachers also meant by the statement that the world is false, the creation of the false god, is that the predators/parasites are able to construct virtual realities - entire world-views based on falsities, in which human lives become entrapped. This is the source of the now common question "are we living in a simulation or virtual reality?"

The answer is : at least metaphorically and probably literally a yes, and the only way out in this scenario is through whatever type of body based, earth-rooted, meditation, magic and mysticism* works. This isn't so much about leaving the body and ascending to some astral plane, or taking power for yourself - it is about releasing and dissolving power, it is about giving back to the Earth, while acknowledging and feeling the grief for what has been done; and then it's about focusing on the resurgence of the violently suppressed energies of the earth that keep our world in harmony.

The spirit of Pan, of the wilderness, the animals, and of the nurturing, knowing and loving Earth goddess, who is the mind, heart and soul of the living planet itself, must be restored in the human collective psyche.

This is the only cure for the spiritual disease, but it is not an ultimatum. The difference between a real god(dess) and a psychic parasite, is that the former does not need anything from you, does not judge or punish, but offers you an option.

All ready-made, proscribed routes to change "the world" are false, just more elaborate traps and illusions. There is no universal panacea and no organisation that holds the keys to the exit. The keys are for those of us who feel a calling, to re-discover.

In my opinion, on a cultural level, the restoration and visionary rejuvenation of the indigenous mythologies and spiritualities of the planet as well as the removal of the Abrahamic influence, the end of missionary activity and the stranglehold of priests over populations- these moves are essential.

The human psyche requires its indigenous mythology and cosmology to be present and healthy; these were distorted, co-opted or replaced by the Abrahamic narrative and this must be undone.

As Terence McKenna wrote, an open minded enquiry into science can show that the idea that everything sprang out of nothing through a Big Bang is as ludicrous as any older human cosmology. The point here is not to determine what "really happened" in an "objective" sense, because we can't. The point is that these stories determine how we behave in the world and how we treat the planet, ourselves and each other....

Here is where this narrative differs from most similar "paranoid" outlooks: I am not here to spread more fear. It is important to understand that these psychic predators and parasites have no real power other than the ability to create illusions. Their work is done with human consent. Much of the evil perpetrated on this planet is perpetrated by people who believe are doing the right thing, or simply doing grim work that just needs to be done. "Kill people to save lives" is often the essence of such delusions, or any number of "us or them" scenarios.

Divide, delineate, categorise, name and number is the name of the game for the Archons and they find it very easy to trick the hairless apes to do their bidding. This is why the hocus pocus they employ to give people an illusion of power (religion, scientism, politics, Kabbalistic mind games) is so focused on these behaviours.

There is no real power at the top- the human elites exploiting the rest of us can only do it with the support of the brainwashed millions who sign up to join the police and military, who are essential for the machine to keep grinding. A toxic, distorted masculinity via the repressed feminine (to the point that heterosexual women are becoming masculine) is at the root of this and modern culture is geared to perpetuate this situation.

"We" (the rational materialists) know very little about the double spiral we called DNA and what it really represents. We know very little about how it corrects itself, and how each organism and species grows and lives according to a blueprint. If viruses were a serious threat to the human species, we would have been wiped out a long time ago!!

I suspect vaccines lower the vitality of the human body, and reduce the possibility of a re-connection with the deeper, earthier, wilder parts of ourselves. In this view, vaccines make us more like domesticated animals and reduce our ability to feel and be with the natural world- instead we need more and more to be shielded from it - much like sheep need to be penned in and dogs need to be with their master. I have no "evidence" to "prove" this, and this is not a trial...I don't have an "anti-vaxxer agenda". I have an anti-anti-life, and a pro-choice, pro-drug agenda. No drug should be withheld, and no drug should be forced onto people who don't consent. Vaccines should be feely available to those who want them. On the other hand, forced vaccination is assault and should be criminalised, and resisted by those who value the sovereignty of their body.

Compulsory vaccination, the more likely scenario (no vaccine = no job, no passport) should also be resisted everywhere. IF vaccination works to provide immunity (a highly questionable "if" ), and immunity means the virus is no longer a threat, there is no logic in making vaccination compulsory. I challenge anyone to argue against this!!!

Despite this obvious reasoning, there will be a serious push for mass vaccination, because reason was never something the masses had, and the companies who get the contracts will make billions under the current status quo, which is all about the private accumulation of wealth and the surrender of life on the planet to commerce.

An appreciation of our mortality is essential for us to become truly human... The risk of death is the cost of living.

Any martial arts/ self defence teacher will tell us that fear and tension will make us unable to defend, flee, or fight back. The vibrations of fear and tension from survival anxiety are the essential nutrient for the psychic component of the parasites and predators feeding on humanity and the planet. It would be pathetic to let them in, and evil to pass them round. What I mean by adding "the psychic component" here is that the entities in question are both the humans under the influence and the psychic predators/parasites influencing them. This is essentially demonic possession that maintains the host in an apparently functional state and hence is hard to detect, and is largely independent of individual human vectors. In other words taking out the global elites will not accomplish very much as many others are queuing to replace them!

Eckhart Tolle said that for many human beings today, suffering is the only spiritual teacher they have. 2000 years of a parasite masquerading as the only true god using bloodsucking priests to feed it, saw to this. Most modern people now rightly reject religion and, having nothing real to take its place, embrace materialism. They accept that the world is just matter randomly combining to produce everything we experience, with no meaning, purpose, magic or mystery. There is no numinous force animating the living world, only emergent behaviours from extremely complex, chaotic perhaps, but ultimately mechanical structures and processes.

By dissecting and breaking things down to see what's inside, all the way down to vanishingly small sub-atomic particles, we believe we can understand what all this stuff "is" and how "we" got to be here. (Actually, it is more about manipulation and exploitation of the world than understanding, which is why it leads to destruction.)

Science, as presented by the media, is now the new religion for many.

They now believe that this new type of flu disease is caused by infection from a super-microscopic entity called a virus, and that by staying home, complying, and taking drugs that the doctors will eventually prescribe, the disease will be dealt with. It is hard to see how someone without a university degree or who hasn't taught themselves at least the basics of biology will understand what a virus is. They will more likely simply accept what they are told about viruses and their effects on human health...and many will consent to their own enslavement out of fear.

It is a scary image for those who don't trust the hand that feeds, but please remember that fear feeds the enemies of life!

-I am using "gnostic" in quote marks as it is a pejorative catch-all term made up by the Christian priesthood as they sought to discredit pagan and other not-by-the-book teachings. It means "know-it-all" and comes from the familiar passive-aggressive attitude of the one who knows is faking it and does not have a leg to stand on in a debate :)

-*Much of western indigenous spirituality/magic/mysticism has been corrupted by the (Archonic) Kabbala system - these "traditions" tend to use numbers and letters (numerology, gematria) and invariably refer back to Abrahamic symbolism (archangels, holy trinity, the Bible, etc...)

*I recommend the excellent Dark Reader plug-in for reading on a screen*

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