Pan's AGnosis

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"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

The Guardian Of the Lie continues to spread terror among humanity. On 05/06/20, they published the latest terror communications and lies from another professional vulture, in which the ethical bankruptcy of the medical establishment has never been more plain to see. Enter "Dr Rupert Beale" , fake human, Frankenstein science chief of "the cell biology of infection laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute in London" .

Just listen to this muppet regurgitating his program, casually spreading lies and terror to an already stupefied population:

"If we want to preserve our economy and our NHS, we must behave with personal integrity and responsibility. "

The NHS that his Tory pals have systematically dismantled in the last few years, and are desperate to sell to the highest bidder. Protect our asset, 'cause it's worth a pretty penny, is what they're saying. You, yes, you, are responsible for how much money they can make by removing free healthcare!

And here comes the terror and more bloody lies out of the mind of someone who lost their humanity a long time ago, if they ever had it to begin with:

"If we get the next phase of our response – testing, tracing and isolation – wrong, our two remaining options are semi-permanent lockdown, or hundreds of thousands of deaths in an uncontrolled epidemic"

Completely baseless statements with no real knowledge to back them.

Here is the liar giving you your options.... comfortable in his ivory tower- this is the face of fascist technocracy.


"I shall be supporting the government over testing and tracing, and helping to do all I can to make it as efficient as possible. I shall download the app when it becomes available, and I shall use it. I expect every government minister, and every government adviser to do the same. This would reassure me greatly that the app was safe to use. I have high confidence that recent events will have reminded key government advisers of the importance of privacy, and of the importance of leading by example. "


When your pills stop working, we'll be seeing you - in your mind. Then you will know the terror you have been dishing out.... Who are "we"?


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