Arno from earth

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Animated artworks by Arno from earth

Looney Shroom

Collection: Shroom Fam, a pfp collection by Mighty Shroom

Mighty Shroom invited 34 artists to create their own unique version of the main shroom character.

KEK-4TC(For The Culture)

Collection: Dr. $uss' Metacine Cabinet

Series: 1 Card: 23 Animator: Arno from Earth, Singer-songwriter: 3hunna the Artist, Music Producer: Longstreet, Metacal Director: Dr. $uss. Type: Po$

(Proof of $uss aka a POAP of sorts. An "open until it's not" edition designed specifically to support the fake research at gmRH, The Memedics $how, and artists in residency. No FUD, FOMO, Speculation. Only dank art and gud vibes.)

Aping In

It’s what we like to do ooh ooh aah! 🐒

A 16 frames animation loop inscribed on Bitcoin, a limited set of 100 Prints will be available for purchase.

Inscription: 35175766


Collection: Arno from earth - EDITIONS

A limited edition (20/20) inspired by Boozy and his original Hooch Haus Booze Brains Brooklyn art, a tribute to the love of his life.

Watch all LOOP ISLE characters with the music of composer Longstreet on Gamma here 🎵

Low Note Larry

A drink to die for

Banana Brett

Strawberry Steed

Easter Bunny Egg(1 of 5 variations)

Collection:The Thank You Rounds

Thank You Round 2, 𝓔𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷!
The Thank You Rounds are gifts to collectors of my 1/1 art, after a few 1/1 releases a new round of gifts will be delivered to the holders of my latest 1/1's.


CLOUD$ BRO ☲ Arno from earth

Collection: Feels GeoMetric Man

Bong Voyage! Welcome to 'Feels GeoMetric Man!' Through the power and prophecy of kek + extensive skill, Batz seized pepe in his own way. Henceforth, thusly - Modern Memeism was born. It was inevitable for someone to seize Batz & bring a new genre of pepe to life.

Dr. $uss is proud to announce another collaborative collection with many of his frog frens. We will explore the frog, frens, bongs, geometry, and culture like never before.

To participate in all primary shinnanigans (mostly free claims, some giveaways, AL, burns, etc), you will need to hold at least one OG 'BONG RIP BATZ'.


Booze Brain turns Suss

Collection: metacine

A tribute piece to 2 incredible artists, Boozy & Dr. $uss

A collection of 569 doses of metacine created by various amazing artists to help you cope with the bear market. This was a free claim for bear market buddy holders.


The Endless Serpent

Collection: A Beastly Collection

"The Endless Serpent" is a beastly animated 1/1 artwork by Arno from earth.
This is the first piece of a new continuous collection "A Beastly Collection" where new beastly animated artworks will be minted to over time.
The Endless Serpent artwork will also be submitted to the Gamma x Mintery Miami Art Basel '22 challenge.


3hunna the Artist x Arno from earth - Iced Out

Song: Iced Out by3hunnatheArtist
Design and animation: byArno from earth
When 3hunna approached me he was looking for ways to put his music on the blockchain and we quickly decided to do something together to make that happen for one of his songs, Iced out. Once I heard the banger of a song I started to imaging how cool it would be to make an animated cartoon version of 3hunna that would move to the beat. At first the plan was to make something short and loop it throughout the song but the longer I worked on the design the more I wanted to do with it, so it became a fully animated music video!


Arno from earth Parrot

Collection: Stacks Parrots Collab Drops

This is an expanding collection of 1/1 Parrots created by artists from within the Stacks ecosystem and beyond. To win one you need to hold a 2D Parrot and a 3D Parrot, and have that holdership verified in the Stacks Parrots Discord.


Equality on Earth

Collection:Peer-to-Peer: Community Collection

"What is the whole point, the long term goal of being seen and heard, of being equals at work, at home, in life? The answer, to me, is quite simple: equity. I dream of a world where standing out and speaking up isn't a pre-requisite to being heard. Where however we identify, we are equals. But to get there, steps must be taken, minds must be opened, and new ways must be learned." - Carole Levy, Gamma


I$$A CLOWN WORLD ☲ Arno from earth


By DrSuss
In 2022, shortly before The Great Battle for Web3, the iconic ‘I$$A CLOWN WORLD’ was born.
ICW was crafted in the dark of night inside a tungsten lit draft room of The Arno $entinal. Its creator, Arno from earth, had hopes that it would bring light and keks to this wild ride of a world.
The Arno $entinal is a smowl, local, paper in [redacted], Belgium. Though smowl, this paper is known for dispensing some of the dankest Pepeganda the world has seen and would become fundamental in spreading the Prophecy of Kek - aka the Kryptonite of The Trashtitutions.


Dogeception x ArnoFromEarth

Doge watching doge watching doge. A derivative of Dogeception IRL by ArnoFromEarth.



Collection: $AINT$

$AINT$ is a first of its kind, 777 piece collaborative collection that blurs the lines of portraiture, pfps, memeography and fine art. Working with top artistic talent around the world, the $AINT$ collective Seize The Memes and themes of our zeitgeist.


Gamma Hero

Collection: The Thank You Rounds

A collection for collectors. The Thank You Rounds are gifts to collectors of Arno from earth his work, after a few NFT releases from Arno a new round of thank you gifts will be delivered to the holders of the newest NFTs released.


Squid and Cat - Evil geniuses

Squid and Cat team up to bring a swift end to their natural predators. They engineered a robot that will get the job done before the squid's zookeeper and the cat's owner notice they ran off to make their evil plan a reality...


Discovering Bitcoin NFTs

Collection: Together, with Gamma

Gamma has commissioned a series of original artworks by a group of over a dozen creators on Stacks and Bitcoin. The collection, titled “Together, with Gamma” explores dozens of artistic representations of people coming together around Bitcoin and Web3. The collection will mint at 5:00pm ET on Thursday, April 28th, where 100% of revenues and royalties will be distributed to the artists with works featured in the collection. Gamma welcomes artists and creators to join us in building the future of digital collectibles.





Write your own path

I wanted to make an animated NFT for the community that stands for empowering yourself and creating a bright future. 


Milk in Distress

This lucky kitty has found a not so lucky milk box.


Go Getter Guy

The go-getter guy needs to stay in shape so he can tackle any situation he lands himself in.


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