The Stacks Charity Cracker
14 December 20214 min read

Artwork by @YannickScott

As part of the festive spirit we wanted to set up a way for the Stacks community to take part in the giving this holiday season with a festive and generative spin on our Boombox NFTs (in place of our regular monthly edition release).

Starting today (Monday the 20th), the Stacks community will be able to mint one of these Charity NFT by stacking STX to a charity pool (minimum 10 STX).

The concept behind this campaign is to showcase how we as a community can crowdfund for NPOs/projects/artists using Stacks unique consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Transfer.

This year, Stacking proceeds will go toward The Surfer Kids.

The Surfer Kids

The Surfer Kids NPO founded in 2010, focuses on empowering marginalized and impoverished youth through surfing. The Non-profit runs a surf camp in Mossel Bay, South Africa where they teach commitment and dedication through surfing five days a week.

More on the Core Surf Program

The Program sponsored 26 Children from March, 2020 - Feb 2021, for a total cost of R228,113 (~$14,000). These costs included the five days a week surf camp, meals, equipment, a clubhouse, and paying three coaches from within the same township as the children.



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Boom will stack 100,000 STX for the campaign, which nearly guarantees that the pool will reach the minimum amount required (110,000 STX).

We hope the community will join us in stacking STX for The Surfer Kids, through this crowdfunding NFT campaign, made possible by Stacks' Proof-of-Transfer.

Charity NFT FAQ

How do I mint one?

You'll need to have the Hiro Wallet browser extension installed, and an account with enough STX in it to mint the Charity NFT. Then you'll need to sign in at and select "Get a Boombox."

What is the price of the Charity NFT?

The Charity NFT doesn't actually cost anything besides locking your STX up for 1 cycle (~2 weeks). The minimum to mint is 10 STX.

Will I get my STX back?

The STX never leaves your wallet. The STX is only locked in stacking through Stacks consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Transfer.

How long will my STX be locked for?

The Pool will run for 1 cycle, about 2 weeks in length, or 2,000 Blocks, and ending at the end of cycle 24. Follow the cycles here:

What happens to the yield from the STX?

The yield from the Stacking Pool is what is being donated to the charity straight from Stacks consensus mechanism.

How many NFTs are in the collection?

There are 2,500 unique Stacks Charity Cracker NFTs in total as part of the collection. If there are any NFTs leftover at the end of cycle 23, they will be burned.

How much Bitcoin will the charity receive?

The exact amount of BTC the charity will receive can't be determined due to how the yield works. It depends on a couple factors including the current APY for Stacking, the amount of times the Pool Slot is selected for Proof-of-Transfer to receive BTC from Stacks Miners, and the amount of STX the community pools together to stack for the Charity.

What's the max amount of STX I can stack?

There is no limit 😊

Can I mint more than one Charity NFT?

Not from the same address due to how the stacking consensus works. If you want to mint multiple NFTs you will have to transfer STX to another address and mint the NFT from the new address. You can generate more addresses in the Hiro wallet in the settings section, which is derived from your same private key.

I have STX already stacking can I still mint?

No, you will have to use an address that isn't currently stacking.

Can I transfer the NFT?

Yes. The NFT can be transferred immediately after minting to another address of your choosing.

Can I donate to the Charity outside of stacking?

Yes. The Surfer Kids donation page is available here:

What is the BTC address for the Charity used for stacking?


Can I see how much Bitcoin the charity has received?

Current Cycle:

All Cycles:

Who will receive royalties for future/secondary sales of the NFTs?

2.5% of secondary sales of the NFTs will be sent to a STX address that the charity holds the keys to: SM3F5JK2875BESF5G60ZVJFCREA2E1Z3W4VR2VMPW

Who is the Pool Operator?

The pool operator is the boombox-admin contract.

Will the Pool Operator receive any of the Bitcoin Yield?

No, they will not.

When will the Charity Campaign End?

Prior to the Start of Cycle 24, estimated to be around the 28th-30th of December, 2021.

Will there be a standard Boombox edition released this month?

No. The Charity NFT is taking the place of our monthly Boombox release. The 7th Edition Boombox will be released next month (January 2022).