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Nov 212 min read

Roadmap/Protocol Updates: Week of 23 November

This is the outline for Compounder protocol over the follow weeks of 23 November - 10 December as a guideline. The end date will be when the first epoch for pool emissions will end. We hope that this will give some clarity to what is to come and how you can be best prepared. We will be adding dates over the following days as these become more clear to us.

New WBTC Pool Release

We will be releasing a new pool where you will be able to stake WBTC. This pool will earn 10,000 CP3R in a 30-day period (epoch). This pool is yet to earn compounding interest upon launch. This is planned to be launched on 22nd November.

New yCRV Pool Release

The next pool is for yCRV token ( This is quite a high return strategy by Curve, and also becoming quite a popular asset over the past few weeks. This will earn 10,000 CP3R per epoch.

Auto-Compound for CP3R pool

Due to popular demand from the community, we will be releasing an 'auto-compounding' strategy/feature to our CP3R pool. This will automatically harvest and deposit your rewards into the CP3R pool for you every 24 hours. This is a unique feature that will ensure you are maximising your profits. We will utilise the KP3R protocol for better efficiency.


Snapshot will be coming soon to Compounder. This will allow our users to start voting on proposals and changes to the protocol. Your voting power depends on how much CP3R you hold in your wallet, so ensure to be holding or farming CP3R to have your say in the development of Compounder.

New UI Upgrades

Over time we have learned many things from the community and investors, and also have to adapt for the growth that we have had over the past two weeks. We will be upgrading a few things on the UI for usability, user experience and adding more information throughout the website.

If you have any further questions about these updates, then please let us know in our groups. If you have not joined our socials, then please do so to keep up to date with our announcements:


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