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Messi Ordinals Fractional Painting

A painting (oil on canvas) portraying Lionel Messi was commissioned by the Curator Collective from Argentine up-and-coming artist Montserrat Montegut in 2021. An anonymous artist then prepared artistic variations of the image, twelve of which were selected and immortalized as digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain (inscriptions 153025 to 307824).

Painting destroyed

These 12 artifacts (also known as ordinals inscriptions), will be auctioned in different ways. The first person to acquire each of these pieces will also receive a physical fraction of the painting. Yes, the painting will be cut into 12 pieces, which will be shipped to the first owners of the inscriptions. Shipping will be free within the USA and at buyers expense if shipped abroad. The physical piece will be assigned to each ordinal randomly.

Acquire [“Digital Artifact”+”Painting Fraction”]

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    One piece was previously sold in a NeoSwap smart auction and one is listed at 0.05 BTC. The remaining ones will be sold in the future in various ways. Remember, these come with a physical fraction of the painting.

Special Guest

Two of these inscriptions have the Sock Monster (est. inscription #1369) as a guest. Learn more about this Bitcoin character here. You will likely hear more about them in the future.

Do not forget to check out the original artist Montserrat Montegut, and do not hesitate to contact the Curator collective on Discord or Twitter if you have any questions.

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