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Stacks Parrots' Galleries Launch

We really couldn't be prouder of this.

We believe that this is not only an amazingly sustainable and valuable utility for Stacks Parrot holders, but an innovative first on Stacks. And a level up for immersive galleries for NFTs.

We have been teasing it for a while, and we have now officially launched the Stacks Parrots' galleries.

Just for holding any 2D or 3D Stacks Parrot, you will have access to your own immersive 3D metaverse style gallery for all your Stacks NFTs. Each gallery also provides you with an A/V player; for all your audio and audiovisual NFTs, which you can queue up in a playlist, and listen to whilst you cruise around your gallery, or whilst you flick to a new tab and get on with other business!

A huge amount of work, time and dedication has gone into the creation of the galleries, and we absolutely cannot wait for you all to enjoy them for yourselves. You can get closer than ever before to the artwork, and really see the detail the creators have put into them.


Head to: https://stacksparrots.com/gallery/ (your wallet address/BNS)

Or connect your wallet and click Gallery

You can share your unique URL with your friends, family and community, and they can navigate through your gallery too. For example: https://stacksparrots.com/gallery/eliherf.btc


tab: using the menu (via tab hotkey) navigating to another wallet is easy, type the BNS/STX address, click load, and then click into the gallery, any wallet with a 2D or 3D parrot can be loaded.

Classic FSP controls: wasd or up/down/left/right on the arrow keys and space bar for jump

mouse: look/rotate

q: tool-tip (info on the NFT you are viewing)

e: interact (entry or ability to navigate to https://gamma.io/ whilst using tooltip)

1: gallery roamer (navigate your gallery hands free - only level 1 of your gallery at the moment)

r: reload a frame if it is taking awhile to load up (may occur with gifs/animations)

esc: to be able to click out of the gallery (click back in to gain control again)

A/V Player:

Click on each NFT you would like to queue up

Click on each queued NFT to remove from playlist

Play: plays NFT and skips to the next track

Pause: pauses current track

Stop: resets back to start of playlist

Extra Info:

  • Please note that the gallery takes time to load (this varies on internet speeds) once it is loaded click your mouse to gain control of your first player experience.

  • When navigating to another wallet, type the address, click load, and then click into the gallery

  • If you have more than one floor please note each floor pulls the NFT data as you enter

  • Gifs will play when you navigate close to them, and stop playing when you navigate away - please allow time for gifs to load in initially (they may appear white/black until you navigate close to them - press r and wait if they do not load up)

  • If you own more than one 2D or 3D parrot you can split wallets and curate your wallets to have multiple galleries. Remember the wallet must have a 2D or 3D parrot in it.

  • Gallery can be viewed in full screen

  • Gallery roamer will stick to first floor for now

  • Macaw and 1/1 utility is still coming

  • There are a number of Easter eggs

A massive hats off to the whole team for this. Everyone has put in a huge effort into realising this vision. We are really proud of the Stacks Parrots and the journey we have been on and will be going on with you all moving forward.

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