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Comparing Blockstack blogging apps

I am looking for a convenient way to publish observations about Blockstack and the ecosystem. Therefore, I am starting here with my personal review for blogging apps that make use of Blockstack.


Sigle is a blogging app that comes with a nice, artistic design. Using the app is a pleasure for the eye. Posts are published on a url with the blockstack id, like https://app.sigle.io/sigleapp.id.blockstack.


  • Nice artistic design


  • No automatic saving
  • No video embedding
  • No custom design
  • No custom domain
  • No content discovery

Graphite Publishing

Graphite Publishing is the most advanced publishing app. It has a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor, comes with a design market place and allows you to change the design (if you know how to write HTML). The blog is published similarily to Sigle, e.g. as https://publishing.graphitedocs.com/sites/friedger.id


  • Easy to use
  • Cover photo
  • Auto saving
  • Video embedding
  • Content discovery via Convergance
  • Design Marketplace
  • Open Source
  • Clear draft/publish buttons


  • No custom domains
  • Simple design for writers
  • Steeper learning curve


Humans is the simplest blogging app, probably, it falls more into the category of profile site generators. It allows you to provide personal details, but comes also with a posts section. For a quick web presents that can be kept up-to-date with some news Humans seems a good solution because it supports custom domains.


  • Quick and easy
  • Supports custom domains
  • Clean design


  • Basic editor
  • No content discovery


As you can see, this post has been published with "Graphite Publishing". The content discovery feature was too important. However, once Blockstack Collections are available choosing one single blogging app is not important anymore, because you can edit your posts with all apps that use the "Blog post" collection!

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