Sep 102 min read

App Curation

Six months after the app mining program has stopped, it is time to review which applications survived the period of no mining money. There are a few apps where the domain or the certificate expired, others stopped operation or switched from Blockstack auth to a different identity provider. Data about these apps are still maintained, however, their names are shown as crossed out. Examples are Graphite, POW! or Mumble.

Most of the remaining apps are not really maintained or updated anymore, still using the legacy auth system (not using Connect), or app owners disappeared. These apps are still kept on the site. It is up to you to leave a review and decide whether you want to continue using them. Examples are Recall or Arcane Maps, and OI App Center is not up to date neither.

Fortunately, there are also some apps that have evolved and are even run as a business. Dmail has evolved into Pravica with initial seed funding. Blocksurvey has long term customers. Sigle, Webby, dCrypt and other have upgraded to the new Connect authentication experience.

Finally, with the launch of Stacks 2.0 approaching, we also see new projects being developed, mainly around finance and asset management like Cebero Wallet. And with the launch of Stack 2.0 blockchain app mining might start again as well. Until then the Stacks Foundation is providing Grants to help the ecosystem to grow.

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