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Wrapped BTC rewards for Friedger Pool members (cycle #14)

Please note that this is only for users that do NOT use a hardware wallet for their account until the Hiro Wallet for web supports Ledger and/or the Hiro Wallet for Desktop support contract calls.

After all the testing and auditing of Friedger pool rewards for cycle #13 and #14, it is now time to make use of the extra rewards reserved for pool members. Members of Friedger Pool who have stacked during cycle #14 can claim their wrapped BTC rewards at the members' page. The page shows your rewards of cycle #14 in Friedger Pool Wrapped Reward tokens (FPWR).

1 FPWR represents 1 BTC reward. Note, that wrapped rewards are not wrapped Bitcoins in the sense that they can't be unwrapped. Now, you can directly compare your received STX rewards with the actual received BTC rewards of the pool and the applied exchange rate.


Let's look at the address SP2PA...D2JG9 that stacked 100 STX. It is shown at https://pool.friedger.de/members

In cycle #14, the user has received 1360 sats-like FPWR tokens. There was a 5% fee reduced from the total rewards by the pool admin. This is how it looks after the user claimed the tokens:

The stacks payout can be seen at https://sendstx.com/cycle/14.

The exchange rate including the fee is then 1.75499675 FPWR / 59,216.310614 STX = 2964 SATS/STX.
Without it would have been 1.85603545 FPWR / 59,216.310614 STX = 3134 SATS/STX.

Looking at the total stacked STX at https://pool.friedger.de/cycles, the pool paid 13,472 sats-FPWR / 1000 STX. It would be interesting to compare these numbers with other pools.

In summary, the user's wrapped rewards of 1360 sats-FPWR are worth 0.46 STX. The numbers look all sound and correct.

Use FPWR with catamaranswaps.org

Owners of FPWR can use their tokens at participating services, for example to pay fees for catamaran swaps of STX <-> MIA or other FTs.

When creating a new catamaran swap, users can choose a fee model. One option is to pay with FPWR tokens.

For a swap for 10 STX a fee of 0.1 STX is applied. This fee is converted to FPWR using the current price from an on-chain oracle for STX/BTC (as of today it is 2802 SATS/STX) and paid from your account to the escrow contract. All fee models are different smart contracts and the Hiro Wallet can show the fees as a separate entry in the post-conditions.

Enjoy your wrapped rewards!

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