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Cycle #44

Update 27.10.2022: The conversion rate from xBTC to STX was wrongly calculated. We used the minimum STX amount of 57,160.867228, not the actual amount of 59,233.832647. Therefore, we distributed another round of rewards for pool members that received rewards in STX. Pool members receiving rewards in xBTC have received the correct amount in the first batch of distribution. The two xBTC transactions failed as expected. Boombox holders receive the correct amount in one transaction.

Rewards received: 0.94728265 BTC

Converted in btc tx 110442caeaeb9905bb05b8544621f2dd5758753d283d165444951918e2605c73 (0.94660158 BTC amount + 0.00068107 BTC in fees) and stx tx 8ac82099da3d07c2e5120b75bc66cd0007ba44da301196afe4b08685fc48c732 into:

0.94470838 xBTC

The rewards were distributed as follows:

  • 0.00830686 xBTC directly to 29 users.

  • 0.93640152 XBTC converted to 57,412.723482 STX 59,265.918987 STX with 0.00280920 xBTC fees and sent to 1671 users.

  • 251.855654 STX 259.985171 STX to 154 boombox owners.

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