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Photography Week on Gamma

Way back in 1826, in France, Nicéphore Niépce captured the first permanent photograph called, “View from the Window at Le Gras.” Again in France, not long after, in 1839, Louis Daguerre cited, ““I have seized the light. I have arrested its flight.” He had created daguerreotypes which were images fixed directly to a heavily polished sheet of silver-plated copper. This invention is what really made photography a practical reality.

Fast forward all the way to 2022, and the camera’s potential for telling powerful stories, and capture the imagination, has made its way impactfully to the NFT space.

Gamma aims to serve as the home for collectors, creators, and investors to come together to explore, trade, and showcase extraordinary NFTs through the Bitcoin ecosystem. We want to champion this, and it is a driving factor as to why we have different categories on our homepage, of course including “Photography.”

We celebrate all artists — there are so many wonderful photographers who are a part of the NFT ecosystem creating amazing art. These artists provide us a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What they have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. (as quoted by the late and famous abstract expressionist photographer Aaron Siskind).

What better way to showcase these artists, than to invite them to drop captivating photography, in their individual and unique styles on Gamma, in a week of celebrating the capturing of light through a lens.

We were very grateful to gather ten talented creators, from both inside the Stacks ecosystem, and new to Stacks as well, who bring you photography mints, auctions and editions, to add to your NFT collections on Gamma.

Let’s get to know the creators:

Jason Matias

TEDx speaker, an artist, an author, a USAF veteran, and an educator. I’m from NYC. I live in Seattle now in my loft and I borrow my neighbor’s Husky who knows how to open my door for treats.

Isiah Hill

A marketing architect + UI designer and developer, building web3 and NFT apps for creators. Isiah has shot for Adidas Hoops as part of a promotional campaign for Donovan Mitchell’s “Louisville Edition” DONISSUE sneakers.

Barry Daly

An encourager, creative director, photographer, videographer and writer. Barry specializes in capturing the soul or personality of an individual and showing them their true beauty. His hope is to see that each black girl and boy can see someone that resembles them in the media and can realize how valuable, special, and that they are loved.

Sean Longstreet

Longstreet has released a variety of NFTs related to music, photography, and music education. His first release was Venice Visuals, the largest photography collection on Stacks that includes 100 iconic images from Venice Beach. He is a featured photographer with the Stacks Photography Guild, which he co-founded with Levi Harrell. He has written music for Project Indigo, Nonnish Kingdom, Satoshibles, and continues to collaborate with other communities and individuals in the Stacks ecosystem. He was also a featured guest on the Airdrop podcast, and the Built of Bitcoin podcast.

Dr. $uss

Hi, I’m Dr. $uss. I’m the Metacal Directoor at gm Regional Hospital, a State of The Art Metacal facility. We treat and research ailments such $ussitis, nGMI-69, Post Traumatic Mint Disorder (PTMD), Chadatitalitis and much more. My genesis and peer reviewed study is titled $AINT$. $AINT$ is a first of its kind, 777 piece collaborative collection that blurs the lines of portraiture, pfps, memeography and fine art. Working with top artistic talent around the world, the $AINT$ collective Seize The Memes and themes of our zeitgeist. The main goal of gmRH, $AINT$, all of it, is to help our patients transcend the narratives of Web2 and step into the light of Web3. A space that transcends the ideas of the state, politique, religion, race, gender, and orientation. A space united by individual sovereignty, meaningful collaboration, trustless and permissionless protocols, totally transparent systems, un-cancelable, and fully decentralized memetics. A space where you can truly be anyone or anything – even a cartoon frog or tungsten cube. My name is Dr. $uss and I am here to usher in The Age of the Meme – the era of abundance, art, liberty, and love.

Ade Andryani

Hello, my name is Ade Andryani. I’m a photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am interested in capturing all around me, especially street photography. Sometimes I like to do personal projects and makes photozines and photo books.

Andrei Runcanu

Andrei Runcanu is a photographer, actor, founder of STORY OF Magazine based in Bucharest, Romania.

Andrei’s work was exhibited in individual and joint exhibitions, with subjects varying from artistic photography to fashion and actor headshots. An established fashion photographer, Andrei has worked with national and international publications and brands.

He has always liked to push his limits. In 2015, with his personal project My Trade Trip, he travelled through five countries for two whole months, living only from trading his photography services for food, transportation and accommodation.

Plictuc Pictures

Plictuc Pictures is a visual art project which stemmed from a daily hobby that is owned by Ageng Purna Galih. Not only photography, Plictuc Pictures uses other media in their work, both digitally and physically. The latest release of work on NFT from Plictuc Pictures is a photographic work made into motion pictures made from physical media called scanimation.

Art Pardini

Art is a graphic designer and photographer from São Paulo, Brazil, living in Ubatuba – Brazil. He likes to find beauties hidden in daily things around the streets.

Levi Harrell

Levi Harrell is an award winning adventure photographer and storyteller. With a deep passion for the wild places, he has traveled all over the world in search of stories that motivate others to get out and explore the great unknown. 

With a background in travel, adventure, climbing, and lifestyle photography, Levi uses his images and word-craft to captivate his audience across all nations. 

Based in Boulder, Colorado Levi has developed his most distinctive work on expedition style assignments in places such as China, New Zealand, and the world over.

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