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Introducing Geo-Llum Project

The project aims to reimagine the role of lighting in public urban spaces with a symbiotic relationship between the artificial and the natural world, focusing on a deeper understanding of the fundamental importance of nature as collaborator in the city.

The artwork consist in a light sculpture that can facilitate diferent tasks in order to create an autonomous and hybrid performative artwork based on a bacterium that produces electricity while decontaminating the soil.

Here below the essential points of interest:

- lighting
- soil decontamination 
- free energy / electricity
- rain water collection

Geo-Llum is conceived as an “organic” sculpture, where the role of humans is to take care of it, drawing attention to the diferent forces that play for its right functioning.
All the parts of Geo-Llum are interconnected and interdependent, gathering and collaborating to create a cycle of energy.

︎ Free energy while

Credit Derek Lovley / Science Photo Library

Geobacter metallireducens is a member of the Geobacteraceae, a family of Fe(III)-respiring Delta-proteobacteria that are of interest for their role in cycling of carbon and metals in aquatic sediments and subsurface environments as well as the bioremediation of organic- and metal-contaminated groundwater and the harvesting of electricity from complex organic matter.

This microbe is able to grow on metallic minerals or electrodes, generating electrical energy while eliminating certain pollutant from the soil and water, during its metabolisation.  

This living micro-organism will be insert in the soil in order to enhance the electricity produced in the bio-electro battery cell.

︎ Geo-Llum fellowship program

The multidisciplinary aproach happens to be the best way also in the making of the project it self interlacing art, design and science(s).

Disciplines involved:
Bio-electronic Engineering
Bio Design
Science of Education

Follow geo_llum blog to know more about the creation process

︎ Framework

Akasha Hub Barcelona is the project incubator and official partner.

The project will go hand in hand with Green City Lab during the first bio-remediation pilot program of Barcelona.

The project is hosted by CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona), Sonar, UPC (Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña) thanks to S+T+ARTS Residencies.

︎︎︎ Geo-Llum in CCCB

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