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Structure 3D Modelling

Geo-Llum has been conceived as an organic being, with interconnected organs that cooperate for its right functioning. We are approaching this creation process merging the concept of growing and the concept of assembling.

There is an upper part with fennel shape, already present in nature design and often with the task of collecting water. In fact, following this purpose, the rain flows from the fennels through the stems, then to the tank. The water storage will have an ON/ OFF switch in order to water the earth battery in the soil, in this case called MFC (Microbial Fuel Cell).

images by Samira Benini

We are working on the first prototype with 3D softwares and 3D resin printers. Each part is connected to the others in an organic way, so we are facing a real challenge around finding the best fitting, always keeping an eye on the aesthetic side.

The multidisciplinary artist Miguel Alegre specialised in 3d printing and sculpture, is in charge of building up the structure, of the design development and final making of.

Loreno Patuzzo is collaborating for the conception phase. He is a designer, fond of new technologies and engineering.

In parallel of CGI we are in a continously brain storming about all the possibility we can apply on different aspects and levels and we really love to sketch and draw. Paper and pen are still the main tools we use to visualize what we want.

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