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Actilum and Geo-Llum light tecnology

The first time I got in touch with Actilum was during my first public project presentation in Akasha. I met Catalina, she was enthusiast about the idea of collaborating with her company in to the light technology of Geo-Llum. We were sharing the same vision about this new venture together.
Usually talking about plants and nature, Leds technology is created on custom for agriculture purpose, with a strong will of making the maximum growth for food production and plant/flower growth.

Moreover the non-stop day-light during night time, as often we find in the streets of our cities, is an unsustainable way of using resources, creating light pollution with an enormous waste of energy and disrupting consequences for our health and for the natural environment.


In Geo-Llum we are focusing to invert the process, keeping in mind that with artificial light we are influencing on many levels all the biota life cycle.


At the moment we are looking forward about how to apply Actilum knowledge in optics and light technology to the parameters of Geo-Llum, in order to have the minimum impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
The main technical challenge about lighting with MFC (Microbial Fuel Cell) is about how much Watts can be produced and which type of Leds to use based on this output.
Thanks to the ABU (Acumulador Bio-electrico Universal) created by Nano-Electra from BIOE, we can store the energy from the soil and re-distribute it evenly to the electric system.

photos by: Actilum

With Geo-Llum we would like to create a more sustainable alternative around electricity consumption, balancing the intensity of the light with our real needs and putting nature in first the row.
How we can merge the artificial and natural, embracing the concept of inter-dependence, caring and respect?
We necessary need nature in order to survive, and not the contrary.

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