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... About the language of chaos

Chaos according to the definition of Wikipedia is a word that comes from Greek, and which means unpredictable. We define something as chaotic when we do not manage to see a logical relationship of cause between events.

Chaos is most of the time related to something negative. Not being able to foresee the events and their consequences, we are unable to control and manage situation. But chaos has a direct relationship with life in its essence and with the nature in general.

We live in a chaotic system and that's why it is unpredictable. As human, part of our societal and technological conquests upon the natural environment, is embedded in our ability to use the logical thinking (but reductionist at the same time) around the information that comes to us from nature. In order to do that, we have learned to catalog, schematise, organize these inputs.

But there is also the dark side of it. We have discarded, little by little from our lives, all the topics that we didn't get or the elements that didn't benefit us directly. Somehow humans took possession of the things that nature offered and retained the most intelligible and clear aspects.

Chaos is embedded in nature. If we discard this part of reality, we indirectly deny our origins. This can lead to unbalanced consequences on different levels.

The writer Nassim Taleb, in his book "Antifragile" talks about how chaos can sometimes be beneficial, because it forces us to question our customs and look for new roads, more successfully and in a constructive way.

Rationalism is the expression of logic thought and is disguised as solution to all the problems. We must re-conceive our relationship with chaos.

expression of chaos - source: verdeyazul

Our cities are squared, cartesian, grey, utilitarian, basic.

Does this need to erase chaos in our city correspond to the repulsion of nature aesthetics?

Could chaos be a beautiful language to speak out the sophistication and the essence of nature?

To find a more regenerative and flawless path for our specimen we should embrace chaos as main collaborator.

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