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Low tech building approach

Technology has become the idol of our society, but technological progress is, more often than not, aimed at solving problems caused by earlier technical inventions.

There is a lot of potential in past and often forgotten knowledge and technologies when it comes to designing a sustainable society. Interesting possibilities arise when you combine old technology with new knowledge and new materials, or when you apply old concepts and traditional knowledge to modern technology.

The question is how much energy do we need? Source: Low Tech Magazine

Geo-Llum design sketchs by Samira Benini

Sharing this approach, in the construction phase we are adopting a design diversification method using available modern technology as 3D printers but also recycling pieces that can fit to the sculpture and its functionality.

The collaboration with professional craftmans contributes to enrich the project in its spectrum of techniques involved. Each part traces a story about its creation and the specific application of knowledge.

images by @malarko (battery part creation process)

For instance, the ceramic part of the battery has been made by @malarko , a multidisciplinar urban artist based in Barcelona.

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