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... Chickens and rabbits

source: Pinterest - @love_exposure7

Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1958 wrote an Arquitectural Manifesto against rationalism in architecture. He was seriously critic with the way of building the city.

He said: "Functional architecture has proved to be the wrong road to take, similar to painting with a straight-edged ruler. With giant steps we are approaching impractical, unusable and ultimately uninhabitable architecture".

And also: "We must at last put a stop to having people move into their quarters like chickens and rabbits into their coops".

source: Pinterest - Le corbusier, Architecture concept drawings

In this drawing Le Corbusier in the twenties of the last century theorises his vision about architecture. Somehow he recognises the curve (in this case a Spiral) as a natural form source of inspiration, but surprisingly or not, he closes this organic shape within a squared linear one.

Today roads, buildings, furnitures and all the city structures give off its rationalist soul. Rationalism is logic, functionality, at the same time rationalist design is based on elementary geometry shapes. The rationalist aesthetic expresses a very basic vision of life utility but concurrently covers the human necessity of having everything under control, cataloged, classified and quantified.

The question is, are those concepts working good on an everyday life level? What is the alternative application of such concept avoiding using chicken cages analogy?

Those shapes do not satisfy our need for the harmonious complexity and sophistication that we find in nature.

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