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We starting! Take sample of Hort del Clot soil

On March 22, we proceeded to take a sample of soil present in the place where the Geo-Llum pilot project is planned to be installed in Hort del Clot.

This day accompanied by Kait Hutchison from Green City Lab and Claudia Santibañez from CCCB and in collaboration with Barcelona Council that provided an excavator, we have been able to remove the earth and take some soil samples.

These samples will go to a laboratory to proceed to analyzes their compatibility with the project in order to build in lab the MFC (Microbial Fuel Cell) with the same soil. The soil should contain toxic compounds that we still do not know, due to the industrial history of the area where this textile factory was active. If it's the case, it will be a good occasion for testing the decontamination capacity of the Geo-Llum.

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