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Your Black Flowers - Roadmap

Your Black Flowers is my third artistic NFT project to be minted on the Stacks blockchain and secured by Bitcoin.

This article will focus on the roadmap of this particular project, which is divided in 8 steps:

1/ The Burning - April 2022

The Burning will be the kickoff of the project; it will consist of the auction of a NFT clip performing the burning of the physical painting featured in the rest of the project. The auction will be open for everybody to bid during a few days after the Bitcoin Unleashed Summit that will be held beginning of April.

2/ Pre-mint - June 27th 2022

Any holder of my previous NFT works on Stacks (Entangled Flowers & L.O.V.E. collection) and the lucky winners of the giveaways that I'll be running on my Discord will be able to participate in the Your Black Flowers pre-mint, which will run for 24 hours on June 27th.

3/ Public mint - June 28th 2022

Once the pre-mint is over, the mint will be open to the public.

The detailed dates, times and prices for the auction and minting of the collection will be announced on my Discord, so please join in for more information. The auction and minting of the collection will take place at Gamma marketplace.

Pre-mint and public mint will be hidden mintings, meaning that the people participating on both mintings won't be able to know which piece they've got until the reveal party.

4/ Reveal party - Summer 2022

One week after the start of the public minting, the Your Black Flowers NFTs will be revealed to the world. A small reveal party will be held at that time at my Discord server.

5/ Rarity table - Summer 2022

At the same time of the reveal party, I'll be releasing a "rarity table" for this collection. Rarity tables do not seem to suit well with an artistic project, since all Your Black Flowers NFTs are an art piece on its own, but I like to play with crypto codes and I've prepared a rarity table based on the "artistic potential" of each NFT. I wonder who will end up getting the rarest one.

6/ Hidden surprises - Summer 2022

Some of the Black Flowers NFTs are also experiential NFTs, which means that they can unlock some content in real life. The metadata of some of the NFTs will include some hidden surprises and if you're the holder of that NFT you could redeem the real life experience once.

7/ Free air-drop - Q3 2022

One month after the public mint, I will be air-dropping a free NFT to each holder of a Your Black Flowers NFT. I want to keep secret the content of the free NFTs, what I can say for now is that they will be coupled with the minted ones.

8/ Animated clip - Q3 2022

The last step will be the release of an animated clip featuring all Your Black Flowers NFTs during an AMA at my Discord. I'd love to open a discussion with the community about what to do with this animated clip, we could decide to create a new NFT out of it and fractionalise its ownership between holders of a Your Black Flowers NFT, but that's just one option.

Completing all these phases won't be the end of the journey, this project is intended to be the origin of an art lovers community. My purpose is to build around this collection a group of people that will share their strong curiosity and are willing to explore new worlds through the eyes of an artist. I'll continue with a smart combination of art and technology in order to create beautiful experiences that will nurture our inner strength.

Grace Hye

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