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Four Seasons - Mechanics of the NFT Project

Four Seasons NFT project is set to be launched soon on Gamma, starting with The Fall NFT collection, and since this is a very complex and challenging collaborative NFT project by Grace Hye & Manuel Gimferrer, we’re going to use this Sigle blog to try to explain the mechanics of the project and how the minting process is supposed to work out.

Four Seasons - Foundation NFT Collection

The Four Seasons NFT project is based in four main artworks; four classical piano compositions by Manuel Gimferrer which have been animated by hand by Grace Hye, one for each one of the seasons that give name to the project.

These four artworks will be minted as Stacks NFTs but they’ll never be open to sell. These four NFTs will be hold forever in a wallet controlled by the creators of the project, since these four artworks are the foundation of the project, from which all the other advantages arise from.

Below you find an example of one animation I created for the The Fall season artwork.

The first of the Four Seasons Foundation NFTs - The Fall, has already be minted and you can find it on Gamma’s website.

Four Seasons - Available to holders NFT Collections

A dedicated NFT collection will be created for each one of the seasons, starting soon with The Fall. The NFTs of these four collections will be available to the public, there will be a public hidden minting, meaning that the people participating on the minting won't be able to know which piece they've got until the reveal party.

The NFTs of these available to holders collections will all share the same benefits, they’ll become your gateway to:

  • private concerts performed by Gimferrer (Madrid),

  • exclusive exhibitions at Galerie Nouvelle (Paris),

  • digital spaces where you could discuss with both artists and listen to recorded performances of the Four Seasons piano concerts,

  • future mintings and other surprises,

  • token of property of the Four Seasons Foundation NFT (for example, if The Fall collection is composed of 10 NFTs, a holder of one The Fall NFTs will own 10% of the entangled Foundation NFT)

All season NFTs will share the same benefits, but each public mint will be hidden and this is because in addition to the awesome artworks created by Grace Hye and Manuel Gimferrer, each one of the season NFTs will consists of a short AI generated animation. Each of the AI generated animations will have its distinct characteristics - a different extract of the piano composition, a specific seed image, a particular plot and colour palette, opening the door for holders to look after their favourite piece.

We got a final surprise for collectors of the Four Seasons project, we’re close following all novelties in the field of Ordinals and Bitcoin NFT technology and we’re planning to take advantage of the just deployed Prints technology by Gamma for our project. We’ll be inscribing the music score of each of the compositions as an Ordinal and we’ll handle the distribution of the Prints associated to that Ordinal between all holders of the collection.

Owning one Print of the music score will give you the right to perform the classical composition of the project at the venue of your choice.

Bitcoin ecosystem is once again thriving with innovation, we’ll work together with Gamma to be one of the first projects that will apply these new use cases being developed on top of Bitcoin to provide new benefits and rights to all our collectors, starting of course with The Fall NFT collection.

As you might now be aware, this is indeed a very complex and challenging collaborative NFT, mixing different traditional art domains, like hand animation and classical music with some of the most advanced technologies, as blockchains and AI art generation. All these months of hard work have already being an amazing adventure and we’re very proud of the pieces that we’ve created, we only hope that you’ll also enjoy them! Do not hesitate to join in my Discord server for more information.

Grace Hye

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