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Amulets are Coming Home!

People who follow Grace Hye on her Discord or Twitter might already be familiar with amulets, they are short poems with a lucky SHA-256 hash. Amulets were first discovered by Robin Sloan, they're a new kind of poetry that complies with a proof of work. You can learn more about amulets on Robin Sloan’s website:

An amulet is a kind of poem that depends on language, code and luck

Ever since Ethereum has become a Proof of Stake chain, we were hoping to bring an Amulet NFT collection into the Stacks blockchain, due to its strong entanglement with the Bitcoin blockchain. And that’s what we did thanks to Gamma support, where we launched the first auction of a Stacks Amulet.

At that time, ordinals had not yet taken over the NFT world, they were just a nascent technology, but time flies in the crypto world and everyone needs to adapt. That’s why we’re announcing today that amulets will become an ordinal collection. The Bitcoin blockchain is the perfect place for amulets; since they’re short poems, their size is very small and they fit very well inside a Bitcoin block. Amulets are the perfect match for ordinals.

It’s still very early and some of the tools are yet being developed, we’ll work together with Neoswap and Gamma in order to find the best way to create an amulet ordinal collection, store its metadata and launch the first auction.

The beauty of amulets lies in their simplicity, anyone can create an amulet, to qualify you only need to satisfy these criteria:

  • Its complete Unicode text is 64 bytes or less.

  • The hexadecimal SHA-256 hash of the text includes four or more 8s in a row.

We know that there are a lot of developers in the Stacks community and they might be interested in this new form of poetry that requires computer assistance. We really hope that the response of the community will be positive and this amulet collection can become a community project. It would be a lot of fun that new members start inscribing their amulets as an ordinal.

We’re working hard to bring you an amulet ordinal collection as soon as possible; in the mean time, if you want to keep posted, you can always join in Grace Hye's Discord!

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