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My Experience with the Stacks Parrots Gallery

Have you heard of the Stacks Parrots Gallery yet? EoMGames had been working on this project, in which one could view their NFTs in a virtual gallery, for quite some time. It was unveiled yesterday, and the wait was definitely worth it. Its fun, for sure, and I remain both entertained as well as impressed. I remain entertained on this second day. I found myself checking out my gallery near first thing after work. This is further evidenced by my removing some NFTs to another wallet as to curate my gallery. I am not going to get into all of the functionality, as I have not utilized all of it yet, so my experience isn't going to be comprehensive in that regard. I am more interested in trying to convey my thoughts about this, and they are a bit difficult to put words to. I do however intend to do my best, so lets get to it.

After you connect your wallet, you are transported into what would otherwise be a non-descript room, if it didn't include your NFTs. Non-descript doesn't imply anything negative, the room itself looks like a great place to hang out. It looks like the kind of place where I would want to have a power rack on one side, and on the other a couch, some guitars, and amplifiers. Its the kind of place teenaged boys construct in their imagination, as they tell each other how cool the gang's space will be to hang in the future. So the room itself feels like somewhere you want to be, while also being familiar. Oddly enough, it feels like it belongs to me. This is a pretty unique experience for me personally. I have played a lot of video games over the years, I cannot recall a similar feeling evoked by any of them. I have never felt this way on any website/media truthfully. Admittedly I haven't delved into the metaverse, and an insignificant amount of time has been spent in VR, so this might not be a foreign feeling to all. I can say this: The metaverse projects that capture this feeling will succeed.

Speaking of video games, the controls do feel very similar to a FPS game (there is in fact a jump button). Like I said there exist additional functionality, but I haven't utilized all of it yet. Every time I go, I walk past my NFTs and look at them, from different angles even. This isn't the only way that looking at NFTs feels different than on an exchange and a wallet. They somehow feel more real, more owned. The experience of viewing my NFTs in my gallery is just far more enjoyable. Its fair to say that it makes me appreciate them in a new way. I did not once stop and think about their floor prices, I just found myself enjoying the art.

Getting back to the layout, at the far end of the room, there is a multimedia player. You can listen to your music NFTs and view your GIF style NFTs if you so desire. This feature speaks to the amount of care and forethought put into the gallery's creation. Such nods to the diligence and thoughtfulness of EoMGames, exist throughout the gallery. The consideration of the user's experience is almost palpable, and adds to the charm of the experience. The are two floors, and the stairway to the second floor has realistic game physics. The way in which the doors open, all of these things work together to make this a fun, unique, experience for the user. In a real way this gallery makes me excited for Web 3 games in a way that I haven't been excited for games in over a decade.

To think that this gallery is just a perk of being a part of the Stacks Parrots community is also fun in its own way. It leads to thoughts about the utility of NFTs in the digital space, well beyond what I concern myself with usually. Web 3 is going to be fun, yet I typically only consider the "serious" things. It has become a new thought experiment for me to imagine what Web 3 will look like in 30 years. So in its own way, this experience has been one of inspiration (hell, it even inspired this piece).

As we come to a close here, I would like to again thank EoMGames, eliherf, cirro.btc, and the Stacks Parrots Community. To have your own gallery you need only have a Stacks Parrots or 3D Parrot in your wallet. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and met some truly cool people. The gallery has only proven to be the icing on the cake.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Stacks Parrots gallery. If you want to visit mine keep in mind that the second floor is currently under construction. I had to rid my wallet of some scheming mythological creatures. I don't have anything else to say for now. Do me a solid and give me a like, follow, and retweet. A follow on Sigle on the way out would also be greatly appreciated. Until next time, Jack.

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