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Nakamoto Options

The need for safe, transparent, trading protocols has only been highlighted by the market shaking events of 2022. It is simply too hard to trust a centralized entity with the hardest money ever created. While there have been limited options to put your Bitcoin to work in the past, we are happy to announce that those days are quickly coming to an end. The writing is on the wall, the future is decentralized. With this in mind, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to:

The Nakamoto Options Protocol

Nakamoto Options, aka Nak-Ops, allows for the trading of secure Bitcoin futures on the Stacks blockchain. Nak-Ops allows the user to buy or sell Bitcoin future contracts in a decentralized manner by using DLC contracts. No centralized entity necessary! No exchange ready to countertrade you, and no "accounting mistakes" where user funds get lost in the shuffle. DLC smart contracts allow for the safe escrow of your assets on your terms. The Nakamoto Options protocol allows users to create long or short positions, and trade them with other users via Nakamotos.

Introducing the Nakamoto

Nakamotos are NFTs created by the protocol that record the terms of the options contract, which can then be listed and sold via the Nakamoto Marketplace. Not only is the Nakamoto Options protocol utilizing DeFi to bring a necessary financial service to the Bitcoin economy, but it also highlights the utility of NFTs in a brand new way.

The Why

We believe in a decentralized future built on Bitcoin. No Bitcoiner should have to place their assets into a centralized exchange, or service, absent transparency and security. By utilizing smart contracts we have the capability to build the financial services that will act as the building blocks of the Bitcoin economy. Recent events serve as a stark reminder that the pitfalls of CeFi are not negated just because we are trading crypto products, and it is apparent to us that decentralized financial protocols are the future. Humans are fallible, Bitcoin is not.

Wen Nakamoto?

The Nak-Ops protocol is in early production. Come check us out on Twitter, our website, and our Discord. You can sign up for the Nakomoto Newsletter at our website and find the invitation to our Discord. Aside from obtaining OG Discord access for being one of the early members, the first 200 signups will receive a Legendary Nakamoto NFT. Cant wait to see you there!

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