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No CBDC for me

The people who read my blog know what a CBDC is. It isn't just because you all are smart, funny, and sexy people; although these facts are indisputable. It is because we are Bitcoin-centric, crypto natives, and a big part of understanding Bitcoin involves learning about the pitfalls of fiat currency.

Most normies however really have no idea how their money works. So it stands to reason then that most normies really have no idea what a central bank digital currency is. This is by design of course, as one of the easiest ways to control people is to keep them ignorant. Then when a decent amount of propaganda is added to the mix, you wind up with some form of impassioned ignorance. Its a great way to keep constructive public dialogue to a minimum, and the result is a continued lack of meaningful change.

"Bitcoin? Don't they use that to buy drugs?"

"Bitcoin is a scam, don't buy that you will lose your money"

"Bitcoin is bad for the environment"


People will say these sorts of things as though they have carefully considered Bitcoin, did a bit of research, and drew their own conclusions. More often than not, they are just parroting what they have been told by some pundit or politician. In other words, they just say what their phone tells them to think. I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

So when it comes time for the powers that be to unveil their amazing plan to save the economy by virtue of this new electronic currency (and more than likely some kind of debt forgiveness), I fully expect the vast majority of normies to be on board with it.

CBDC is coming

This is not speculation, as there are over 105 countries currently exploring the implementation of CBDC at the time of this writing. Considering how new blockchain technology is, the speed at which this is occurring is impressive. Especially when you take into consideration how slow and inefficient government bureaucracy typically operates. A cynic might say that this is because the central banks are spearheading this, and that central banks are in effect more powerful than the governments they purportedly serve. That's me, I am the cynic.

As best I can survey the situation it would seem as though that CBDCs are coming to my country, and that the majority of my countrymen are going to go right along with this. So how is this ultimately going to play out? This next section will be my best attempt at discerning the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: Bitcoin

Much to the chagrin of the central planners in the world, there really is no stopping Bitcoin. That genie is forever out of the bottle. Only the daft and ignorant believe that Bitcoin is worthless. As the concept of CBDCs become more entrenched within the public consciousness I believe we will see more liberty minded people begin to rapidly learn about and obtain Bitcoin.

Will there be regulatory hurdles? I am sure they will play every dirty trick at their disposal to keep Bitcoin out of the hands of citizens and economy in general. That said, at least here in the US, individual States and their attitudes towards Bitcoin will play a part in this. The financial incentives alone will be enough to ensure there are at least a handful of states that allow for lawful Bitcoin ownership and transactions. Eventually this trend in and of itself will ultimately topple the CBDC experiment, or we will find ourselves citizens within a networked parallel society.

The Bad

The incentives that the government/bankers present to the normies will outweigh any critical thought that the normie might possess in the first place. Relentless propaganda will paint CBDCs as the best thing since sliced bread. The idea of being able to track purchases will appeal to the crowd that believes in every kind of prohibition, whether its guns, alcohol, drugs, animal protein, you name it. These prudish busybodies will love this more than having their student loan debt erased.

The CBDCs will be touted as the greenest thing that ever existed, much more so than that dirty Bitcoin that those bad "other people" want to use. This is going to be an extremely easy sell to the vast majority of people, they will get to feel superior to others by virtue of existing (and without having to put in any of that pesky work).

The Ugly

Total and complete control of the human population. This is a very real potential outcome here. Government's love authority, this isn't conspiracy theory, this is historical fact. CBDCs are a tyrant's wet dream. Many of us chose not to get the Covid Vaccine, and did so in the face of threats to our freedom and livelihood. Well, with a CBDC in place the next time you choose not to do what the government tells you to do then you can be prevented from buying anything at all. The ability to control a population to this degree has never before been seen on this planet.

The only positive in this scenario is that citizens under this system would finally see the truth: We were all in this together from the beginning, and much like an immature married couple we just didn't have the wisdom to see the big picture.

Ultimately none of us have the foresight to know for certain how this will all play out, including the central planners and banking cartels. Humanity is far too complex to be able to predict exactly how this will go. All I know for certain is what I am going to do. Buy Bitcoin, stack Stacks, love my family, try my best to be a good man, and not take any shit from anyone who has any designs on curtailing my human rights.

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