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Links of Interest, Issue 27

Last Friday I was busy writing a post for my podcast blog, so I missed publishing another Links of Interest. Here’s to rectifying that omission:

  • ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com presents you with a computer generated face every time you refresh. The result is stunning and creepy all at the same time. The Next Web has details about the technology behind it.
  • My daughter recently received an Apple Pencil for her iPad, and I think I want to surprise her with this: The PaperLike Screen Protector protects your iPad’s screen while making it feel like writing/drawing on paper.
  • GifRun.com lets you make animated GIFs from YouTube videos.
  • Rotato is a Mac app for creating animated 3D mockups for your app designs.
  • Whenever I’m building a custom interface for a client’s WordPress site, I often reach for Advanced Custom Fields. Check out this post on ACF Tips and Tricks to learn a couple of advanced usage tricks.
  • Coda is a new “doc type” that works like an app. Blend tables and text together and create workspaces that grow and adapt to your use cases.
  • Sigle is a decentralized blogging tool. It makes it easy to “write, save, share”.

Today’s featured image is one I shot on my iPhone with the help of an Olloclip lens. It’s a macro of a semiconductor that I use promently on the home page of my recent redesign of Triad Semiconductor's website.

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