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What the 'Internet of Value' means

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The Internet of Value is the new internet era, also known as web 3.0.

In this sense, we must first acknowledge this historical moment, and gain a sense of perspective. As a veteran author, with a never-ending curiosity, I can assure you that the arrival of the internet was a fascinating moment, uplifting and transforming my life since then. Many like me have learned and adapted ourselves to new and surprising media and innovations.

Thanks to the INTERNET we now can:

· find INFORMATION - from the web 1.0 -

· connect SOCIALly - from the web 2.0 -

The web 1.0 opened new means of knowledge. Nevertheless, the first users of the web could not interact with other users, and neither with the information they received.

The web 2.0 opened the gates of social communication, and the users being good ‘social animals’ greeted with great enthusiasm that easiness never seen before to connect, and also re-connect in the distance. However, in its innocent enthusiasm, the social networks’ user forgot to protect its privacy, and allowed the technology to turn from a useful tool to a constant witness, invading its life, and sometimes being a controlling and inevitable tyrant. ¿Who, at some point, hasn’t felt trapped by the social networks, living a life that they tell us (and even demand us) we have to live?

I think we have to accept that we were extremely naïves in front of a most generous and wonderful offer without precedent in human history. Our freedom, our privacy, our rights, our intellectual property, and our human experience is what we gave up (all in the form of data) to the giant big-tech 2.0 brands. If we acknowledge this today, we can still get back on our feet and run away… because even in the darkest of times there is a light.

A new Internet is on the way so that we can:

· transfer VALUE between users, without intermediaries - in the web 3.0 -

Technological innovation is unstoppable. Right now as we speak, new engineers. who are conscious about the fundamental human rights, are taking care of the past abuses…

The Internet of Value will allow us to get back our rights, our intelectual property, and will also open the possibility for us to negotiate with our valuable works. And this is happening thanks to the blockchain technology.

But, ¿what do we call ‘value’? Value is all that we consider is worth something: tools and abilities, products and services, our data, the time we spend on the web, and for artists their own works of art, of course. All that which can be used for an exchange, or a sale, or a negotiation, can already be considered a ‘valuable’ digital asset… I will tell you more about it in my next newsletter.

The automobile replaced the horse, the electrical train replaced the coal one, and now the Internet of Value is getting started. There is no coming back. Get ready to regain control of your life and of your work on the new internet.

I believe that understanding this new paradigm and its favorable possibilities is interesting to everyone, especially to those who bring their creativity to the Internet.

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Georgina Mauriño

Founder of Smartists.

Supporting Stacks in building a user owned Internet.

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