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Web3 First Impressions (3) Cripto-scams, Bitcoin, and my plans for 2023 as an author on the web3

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This is the voice of an author on the web3.

I am only and author interested in technology as a means, at the services of humanity, and this is the reason I got interested in blockchain tech, which first use-case was Bitcoin, just a mean to transfer value in the form of a digital coin.

Those who want to refresh the fundamental difference between money, value and price, may want to read the article i wrote a while ago, and which is usally appreciated every time I share it. Gere it is in case you missed it: “The value of what you own

Everyone is talking about the Web3, and maybe it is time to clarify this concept.


The Web three is a technology based on blockchain which wants to decentralize authority on the web, improving data security. The web3 is the way to redistribute property on the Internet, giving back to users responsibility and decision power via their communities.

Neither metaverse, nor Internet 3.0
It is important to understand the difference between these concepts so we are not mislead, and so we can really know how to choose the technology we actually want to use.

Nevertheless, how does that ownership recognition take place on the web3? So far on the web we the users did not have any identifier, and today we can have wallets and even keep different valuable assets there, that we can exchange.

Therefore, to use the apps that work on the web3 we are asked to connect our wallet (instead of asking us to provide our data via Facebook, Google or our email (the way we usually paid for our access to apps 2.0).

But not all wallets are the same and this is the reason you need first to understand what follows.

Web3 on Ethereum or on Bitcoin?

And yes, you will find lots of wallets on the web3, and it is just drazy for me to have to connect a different wallet every time you need to access a service., a marketplace...

The wallet for Ethereum -MetaMask- is probably the most popular, and it provides access to most apps already developed. Nevertheless, entering the world of Ethereum is entering a blockchain semi-decentralized, since it uses a technology (proof of stake) wich enables the concentration of power in the hands of those staking more crypto. Following the Ethereum model many projects were created, and many cryptocoins too. A Decentralized Financial system - Defi - was also created, and later some scams from cryptocurrencies were revealed, becaasue those cryptos were not based in real value.

The case for Bitcoin is completely different, and personally this is the only digital money I an interested in. ¿Why? Because it is genuinely decentralized, and for that reason, it is the most secure of blockchains. I leave here a video where the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is clarified. Just of those who are interested in this matter.

Bitcoin is a coin and a store od value for long-distance runners, not for specualtors. For me, as an author, I am only interested in Bitcoin. Therefore, I will only explore the web3 on Bitcoin. This is the only option I am considering.

Web3 on Bitcoin

The benefits of Bitcoin have not be beaten so far, and there are a few apps that are already running ont this blockchain that can be used by authors for their benefit nowadays.

To limit the apps I use to those built on Bitcoin has a main problem: I may lack of some services I need because there are not as many applications as I would like to have and actually need, built on Bitcoin. Nevertheless, at this moment, if I am really forced to use the services of an app on Ethereum (which I hope not), I am determined to inmediately convert any deposit I receive on Ethereum to Bitcoin.

To be more specific, so far to access web3 Bitcoin apps I have been using the Hiro Wallet, whic is most useful any app on Stacks. Mis top three are: BlockSurvey, Sigle y .

A Bitcoin wallet I am starting to test also to access these apps and exchange STX for Bitcoin is Xverse, as they have just launched their version for , after a while offering thier services just for mobile devices.

Moreover there are ways to ake and receive payments in Bitcoin via Lightning Networks.

Plans for Mirlo Music in 2023 surfing the web3

Our idea is to try to introduce our new contents and make them availabo on on our own website.

On one side, we don't want to abandon those whe have been following us loyally for many years now, so we are going to keep and improve our newsletter. Moreover, our paying subscribers will have access to our Mirlo Media which for now shall include all our videos archive.

Fro our newsletter we will provide all ur updates, especially about our digital editions, which shall include contents accessible only to those who will own any of our digital collectibles (NFTs). These “digital collectibles” will be on sale at Gamma, the Bitcoin NFTs marketplace. with such approach we wish to reach new audiences, and also we want to offer our loyal followers th chance to update and come to the web3 with us.

We are also planning to offer some promotional merchandizing, and for this we are considering different possibilities.

Finally, we are thinking in collaborations and also in some other works which mos probably will invove the use of licenses for IP rights management. For this, we are looking forward to be able to use the Smartists copyrights licenses for NFTs.

Whatever our journey will bring, tha team at Mirlo Music is committed to discover new ways to evolve in this new web, and we hope to find other creators who can inspire us with their own experiences on the go.

More news on this coming in January...

All the best!

Georgina Mauriño, author-illustrator at Mirlo Music and co-founder of Smartists.

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