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This is the translation of the blogpost originally written in Spanish by Georgina Mauriño * on her website.

This is where we used to be every year, after our holidays. But this was before our lives were changed in all senses by the pandemia that brought omnipresent uncertainty to our days.


Holidays -summer in this side of the world- look like a mirage this year more than ever. Everything has changed around us and we look for references… How are children going back to school? How are we meeting our colleagues in the office? Looking forward to going back to your favourite café?… Nothing seems to help.

Maybe it’s time to re-connect with our inner selves, and take back what we have retained and cherish the most. Knowing ourselves and accepting our limitations might give us the genuine strength we need to look for new opportunities and embrace new challenges. All in all, from a a personal and individual point of view, this is ‘just’ a new crisis, a time for change, despite being the deepest we have ever faced. So let’s first take control of ourselves.

A great opportunity?

No school… Will this be the chance to offer new generations more valuable educational contents? Is this the moment to transfer to them what really matters in order to become great human beings, free citizens with full rights? Is this the time to aim for a more dignified human life?

Professional uncertainties, impossible reunions… Is it now the time to recover the value of vocational jobs and value those with a spirit of service? Is it time for you to prepare to bring the best of yourself to the digital world? I am positive that many new doors will be opened. Opportunities will be huge to build the future, but little to re-build the past. Nevertheless, in our past human experiences there’re things to preserve and get inspiration from, all that made us better over time.

Next steps…

On my side, I am going to keep on working for Art and Music, the most refined expressions of Human experiences. The Arts must find the place they deserve in that future, which seems inevitably linked to the Internet. I want to defend the legacy to be preserved and the present Art creators who deserve recognition. This explains my participation in the construction of the next web 3.0 with Smartists.

In the New Internet, the Internet of Value, the web 3.0, we have all the opportunity to bring our best and receive a fair compensation. As an author, I intend to bring my best and make it available directly to those interested. That is my personal challenge.

My saddlebags for this trip

With these lines I started my farewell from my blog on my Wordpress website. In the next weeks I will prepare “my packing as an author-editor”, before leaving for the new web. Mirlo is getting my catalogue registered on the blockchain to protect our Intellectual Property. Then we will publish it on a website hosted on the web3. And finally we hope to open our private studios to be able for you to invite you communicate with us directly, so we can give access to my works to anyone interested.

Those who are curious about this process can know more here, on Sigle - Log-book of a Digital Editor 3.0.

I will bring my new addresses here as soon as I can.

I send you now my best wishes with hope and commitment, because I know we can build a better future if we stand together for good.

See you!

* Georgina Mauriño is a Spanish senior author and illustrator, as well as the designer of Smartists, “Bringing together Artists and Art users on the Internet of Value”.

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