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Getting ready for a new stage

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Dear friends,

I started this newsletter in January 2021, and here I have shared my convictions, my discoveries and also my doubts in a transformational journey full of challenges.

We cannot live better than in seeking to become better. Socrates

In a recent article, I explained how I am living my life in three professional dimensions: as a editor for Mirlo Music, as a Designer and Community Lead for Smartists, and finally as an author. On top of these three dimensions, there are other personal dimensions, which I won’t share, precisely because they are personal. But the fact is that, at this stage, it has been too demanding…

Since next September I will stop writing the present blog… 

From then onwards, my good friend Mirlo may publish some article of mine from time to time from his new address in the Internet of Value. Mirlo will be only using decentralized media:

  • Sigle - the Blog on the Stacks blockchain secured by Bitcoin -

  • Nostr - the protocol that is opening new ways for social connection on the internet. This looks the best alternative (and with chances to succeed) to all the social media we know today, which are broken because they have become tyrants in people’ lives: stealing their free thinking and free will. To know more about Nostr, you can see the video in this link.

Offline, beyond the Internet, as an author-illustrator…

I still have a lot to say, including some unfinished business that will get enriched with all my recent experiences. But for now, and until the end of the year, I will keep supporting the development of new contents made from my past works. And this Fall, I am going to be quite busy participating in Mirlo’s new school, a space for contents that aim to inspire educators -at home and in schools. Such space will open its doors in the Internet of Value, for those who believe in the power of Music, the Arts, and the Humanities as educational tools for new generations. Because today’s children, more than ever, need to develop their more human abilities in a word increasingly technological.

The way we interact, and especial how young people interact with technology, requires reflection and cannot keep being the result of improvisation. If we don’t show our children how to stop and think before acting, before using any new thing without a minimum thought, there is an important risk of alienation. Electronic devices, technology in general, or what I like to call “the machine” can be a very useful tool. Nevertheless, it can also enslave us, if what we get from it is only a pleasure (dopamine) that confuses us and jeopardizes education. I am well aware that there is a lot of work still pending for users to take control on the web, but I also know that everything starts with education. And, for starters, it is paramount to choose the technology which is most respectful with our individual rights.

On the web3

It is possible to recover many of our rights and start escaping from surveillance and manipulation. The first step is to wake up and be aware, and I hope to have, somehow, contributed to that. I leave the archive of my articles here.

Moreover, it also brings me hope to see great engineers, developers, and leaders on the Bitcoin blockchain be aware of this, educating their children accordingly. Here you have a video of what I mean.

I hope to bring a link about our Mirlo School in my farewell post. Should you be interested in contacting me in a more private way, I will let you know how.

Thanks to anyone reading these lines with my best wishes for the rest of the summer/winter. 

Georgina Mauriño

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