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2021-2022 A new season towards the Internet of Value

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Dear readers and followers of Hacia el Internet del Valor - Towards the Internet of value,

I hope these news find you well.

Before starting a new course where I'll be back with new podcast episodes, I want to share my plans for this space. This way you can consider whether you keep interested or not, and even consider commenting what we do here with some friends of yours.

The goal with Hacia el Internet del Valor - Towards the Internet of Value, is that artists-authors who use the Internet professionally, can do it being aware of the opportunities technology offers them, but always considering that this is a tool at their service. The idea is embracing web 3 (with its NFTs and much more) but never giving up on the fundamental rights that belong to us as authors: Intellectual Property, Freedom of Speech and Privacy.

  • This is also the reason for the app I am developing with my talented team at Smartists. I already introduced a bit of Smartists in a previous article " YOU decide about the use of your work ". So, as we progress with Smartists I hope to bring some good news this Fall.
  • I will also announce here the course about NFTs and copyrights that I am preparing with my Legal partner at Smartists, and that we want to launch in October.
  • Finally, I want to include actual little stories in the podcast, so they can illustrate every subject matter. I will start with my own experiences as author-illustrator, but I am open to bring the ones from artist that may feel like sharing their own adventures on the web.

Thank you for reading these lines. I hope to keep bringing interesting information to you, and that we can keep moving on together towards that Internet of value full of wonderful opportunities for artists.

Georgina Mauriño


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