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A dApp for independent artists...

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Story, Present and Future of Smartists

“After many years writing, illustrating and editing stories and other materials to introduce classical music to children of all ages, in 2016 I discovered Blockchain technology and I saw it as an opportunity for authors to take back control over their digital files like never before. In 2020, not finding the solutions for authors I envisioned, and after a deep research I thought I should try to develop myself a dApp for self-managed artists on the web3.” Georgina Mauriño, author-illustrator and founder of Smartists."

Georgina Mauriño, author-illustrator and Smartists founder.

Smartists today

Thank to a small but very talented team, I am proud to introduce you to the mvp of Smartists, a dapp secured by Bitcoin thanks to the Stacks technology. On Smartists, artists can open their private studios, connect for collaborations and commissioned works, and even put NFTs on sale with use-license in a private and safe space.

A mission and a vision for the future of Smartists

Smartists aims to be a management tool for artists on the web3, bringing to the digital world fundamental rights such as Privacy, Intellectual Property and Freedom of Speech.

In the future we envision artists using the Smartists software, also from their own websites, like back doors to that magic private space where the most meaningful creative collaborations can happen and the most personal and unique deals can take place, this time on the web like in a real studio…

If you want to help us build a better future for independent artists on the web3, join our community.

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Georgina Mauriño

Founder of Smartists on Stacks, for a user owned Internet!

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