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Jun 033 min read

A chat with... Flower, a Smartists pioneer

[More than a transcript, here is a summary of the informal chat I had with a great Web3 pioneer for the Podcast in Spanish Hacia el Internet del Valor.]

In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Flor Peña. She signs as Flower, and I met her under that name. This is a meeting between the two, after some time exchanging messages and "following" us on the network, and in the Stacks community.

After a brief introduction of this exceptional visual communicator – who has professional experience in digital marketing strategies –, she tells us how much she learned about the psychology of users in their use of the network. 

She also explains why she got into this world of web3, and what Bitcoin means to her, as a door to a Freedom that was not possible before when it comes to being in control of your data, your information, and your economy... That's why she's using Stacks

For it is precisely Freedom what Art represents for Flower, and technology is an essential mean you must know how to use to get the most out of it, to reach so many people...

As well as this, don't miss out the opportunity to check Flower's experience creating NFTs, and how she's sharing her learnings to light the way for others. Her works and her example go beyond pure economic interest. That is because NFTs, in her point of view, can be a form of artistic expression that contributes to health. 

Her latest collection has a lot to do with this approach (I don't want to give you any "spoilers" because her words are the ones that express it the best)... These are very original works, loaded with symbolism. In the podcast she gives us clues to better understand and appreciate them. And here she leaves a link so you can see it.

Finally, Flower takes us into her creative process, which has its origin in her relationship with the blank page since her childhood. Don't miss the ending, in which she makes a particularly important point in this regard. 

If you want to know more about Flower, here are some links: 

In addition, Flower opened her studio in the Smartists MVP and is testing the DApp for independent artists that we are building. In this sense, she is a pioneer who is very dear to me. For this reason, it has been a great pleasure for me to get to know Flor Peña better, and I believe that this meeting is only the first of many. 

There is a long way to go, and with so many collaboration possibilities to explore we say goodbye, eager to move on for more. 

See you soon, Flower, and until next time, friends!

Georgina Mauriño

PS. If you want to make possible a better future for independent artists on web3, join our community, and join us on Discord!

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