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A technology for Freedom

[This is a translation of the original episode from the newsletter-post in Spanish: Hacia el Internet del Valor]

I write these lines in the middle of a situation that we never imagined we would live again in Europe.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to keep up with our lives normally, we receive all sorts of news, including some related with technology which provide a deeper understanding about the political and military confrontations. And, those who follow attentively the financial world know that Bitcoin is a weapon in the human war for freedom.

This podcast is intended for authors, artists and creators who want to self-managed on the web, in other words, who want to be free to decide about their creative activities and be able to make business with their works and their jobs like any other professional. This is why today I dare focus in such a basic matter as Freedom.

We can all agree that nowadays most of our communications happen thanks to the Internet, and we need to admit what happens on the Internet and with the Internet is going to mark our path and the the destiny of human beings from now on. So, it is time to stop looking away when we know that fundamental rights like privacy and freedom of expression are being violated by “technological services” that are imposing on us surveillance, manipulation and censorship systematically.

Today’s technology also provides the means to send money, to easily pay for our daily spending… so, if all our money transfers on the web can be controlled digitally, such surveillance can become the best tool for enslavement. This is why, you need to be aware that central bank digital currencies are extremely dangerous for those who don’t want to give up on our free citizenship.

Finally, on the web3, on the Internet of Value, we can already transfer directly all sort of valuable assets, and this thank to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is important to understand as soon as possible the on-going technological battle, and not to get mislead. Do your research. I leave here a starting point: a video with the documentary “The Great Reset and the rise of Bitcoin” and its web where you will find its sources, .

The Intellectual Property of any author looses value when authors give up on their freedom. Art is much more than entertainment. Thanks to the exchange and contrast of opinions and ideas, with the impulse of critical thinking, and the ability of expressing radical discrepancy, we can progress as human beings.

Beyond the deep pain for the terrible news of war, there is something we can do: standing up for our freedom and start using the Internet with responsibility, choosing our digital tools in a informed way. There is a lot here in stake.

My best wishes for you in these uncertain times, and my best energy for all artists in Ukraine.

Georgina Mauriño

An author contributing to the user’s Internet.

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