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Why the Internet of Value matters

This post goes for artists and art-users. First, I address all those professional artists who create wonderful contents and want to upload them on the Internet to enrich the lives of those who access them. Then I address all those who use the Internet to search for meaningful art experiences or artworks.

As an artist, imagine...

· WHAT IF you could identify all your artworks online as yours, in a simple and reliable form, securing all your copyrights in a stamped layer that couldn’t be tampered and could prove your ownership, even in court?

· WHAT IF you could license your artworks for specific use, and get paid directly by the user?

· WHAT IF you could track the use of your licensed artworks, and be able to prove and claim unlicensed misuse?

Creators of any field, writers, artists musicians, performers or any digital content creators, may have a way to free themselves from many inherited burdens. Will you cease this historical opportunity?

As an art-user, imagine...

· WHAT IF you could easily get licensed by an artist to display and distribute an artwork you like?

· WHAT IF you get licensed to legally download and make derivative works of your own from an artwork you like?

· WHAT IF you could contact the artist to make your deal and payments directly to him?

Digital Users will be able to directly access their artist on the web. Will you cease this historical opportunity?

The Internet 3.0 we are entering can establish more meaningful relationships between creators and users. Such wonderful future, such Internet of Value, is the opportunity that Blockchain technology provides. You can wait and see or take part in this revolution.

No artist should miss the chance of participating in the Internet of Value, as well as no art-user should miss this new era of direct connection with art-creators in the Internet of Value.

And this is the reason why we are designing a DApp to bring together Artists and Art-users on the Internet of Value.

April 1st, 2020

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