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F1X - by Dundo & Lambie is now on Parrot Radio

F1X A song about bitcoin as a cultural, economic, and philosophical “third pill” - offering everyone an equal opportunity to opt out from a game that is designed to be won by the elites every single time. Lambies lyrics, passionately spoken words, accompanied by a remixed, reshuffled Frankie MacDonalds’ “Biiiiiiiiiitcoooooooooooin” yell make this a proper house music banger.

This song is for the culture. Produced by Dundo; lyrics & vocals by Lambie.

Iconic Bitcoin yell by Frankie MacDonald.

A touch of sound magic by Jamie Stevens. Mastered by Ledfut.

F1X release is accompanied by a series of music videos and several art collections.

Visit to watch, listen, collect and share more than two hundred F1X artifacts.

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