Peter du Toit

Dec 201 min read

Majuba Power Plant Emissions Are Staggering!

This picture of the fire at the Majuba coal power plant yesterday, South Africa’s second largest, is a graphic example of how dirty coal energy is.

While eyes are on Majuba its good to remember that:

At full capacity this plant’s six units burn 56,000 tonnes of coal per day, supplied via a central conveyor system from the coal stockyard.

Every tonne of coal burned results in 1,892kg of CO2

So lets do the math:

56,000 tonnes x 1,892kg CO2 = 105,952,000kg CO2

That is 106 million kilograms of CO2 being spewed into the atmosphere EVERY SINGLE DAY

This is completely unsustainable - we are going to kill everything.

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