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Knysna COVID risk level (Aug 14, 2021)


Knysna recorded 486 new cases this past week (This number will increase over the next few days as it only reflects new case data from Sunday Aug 8th to Fri Aug 13th. Additional data for Saturday 14th is still to be added, in addition to regular data cleanup over the next few days.)

The current data (subject to some small changes) would now seem to suggest that Knysna is coming down from off its 3rd wave peak. This can be seen from the weekly new case numbers over the past 4 weeks:

Week of Jul 18 = 885
Week of Jul 25 = 1,060
Week of Aug 1 = 954 (subject to change)
Week of Aug 8 = 486 (subject to change)

This is good news if it holds up over the next few days!

However please note that the number of new cases, even though less than the week of July 25th and Aug 1st, still keeps Knysna at a High Risk level. The weekly new case numbers will have to decrease substantial for the risk level to be lowered.

Death toll now stands at 198

Knysna Vaccine Registrations

Age group 35 - 49 = 6,417 (47.18%)
Age group 50 - 59 = 4,075 (55.97%)
Age group 60+ = 8,299 (88.62%)

Combined percentage registered 62.13%

We need to achieve at least a minimum of 70% vaccinated, preferably more, to dramatically reduce the intensity of a 4th wave, as far as hospitalizations and deaths are concerned. The 4th wave is expected to start in late October into early November.

Stay safe

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