Peter du Toit

Dec 081 min read

Why we have to de-grow aviation

⚡️ Coal Electricity: We have alternatives in hydro, wind & solar
⛽️ Petrol/Diesel Vehicles: We have alternatives in electric vehicles powered by renewables
✈️ Aviation: no alternatives

As a result of this, and until we can find an alternative, we have to fly less or not at all. There is no other choice.

Here are some ideas from a recent paper on how this transition will happen:

1️⃣ Eliminating tax exemptions: Kerosene & Ticket tax, VAT & Carbon Tax
2️⃣ Making Excessive Flyers Pay: Frequent Flyer Levy & Air Miles Levy
3️⃣ Setting Limits on Flights
4️⃣ Red Line For Airports: Moratoria on New Infrastructure and Scaling Down of Airports
5️⃣ Fostering Alternatives
6️⃣ Institutional Change of Travel Policies

You can read the full report here: Degrowth of Aviation—Reducing Air Travel in a Just Way

(When this conversation comes up there is often the comment “but we can just buy carbon offsets, which means we can keep flying” Please see the report The Illusion of Green Flying)

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