Peter du Toit

Dec 191 min read

South Africa — We are on the frontlines

From the Wall Street Journal: A Fine for a Flush: Drought Leaves Southern Africa High and Dry

“Southern Africa is one of the hot spots world-wide that is already experiencing extreme weather events. It may be the new normal. What determines how much these events will impact communities is not only the event itself, drought in this case, but also the ability of marginalized communities to adapt.”— Felix Horne, Human Rights Watch


Burning fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) to generate electricity, ever car drive, every flight etc is spewing CO2 and Methane into the atmosphere which is warming the planet which is leading to events like this.

If we do not URGENTLY cut back on these activities, this way of generating power, things are going to get much worse.

This coming decade is going to be a defining moment for the human race. If we continue as normal, continue with business as usual we are endangering the exsistance of all life on earth.

Yes it’s that serious

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