Peter du Toit

Jan 011 min read

Happy New Year!

Today we step into the most important decade of human history. And those of us alive to see it have been chosen for this moment. What will future generations say about us I wonder?

There are a few things we know for sure, as explained in this video clip for example. We also know that this decade is the one where we have to completely re-engineer the way we live in relation to the planet that currently sustains us.

We know we have to move the entire global economy away from the need to burn fossil fuels and away from the idea that we can just keep taking from the earth and not giving back.

This journey starts today with the choices we make about everything.

Whether we vote for a Green New Deal or not.
Whether we buy that item or not.
Whether we drive to that meeting or not.
Whether we take that flight or not.
Whether we make our choices through the lens of carbon emissions or not.

I pray that history will say we made the right choices when we had to

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