Peter du Toit

Jan 051 min read

It’s playing out exactly as forecast in the IPCC reports

As the globe continues to heat Southern Africa has been identified as a hotspot. The predictions are for intense temperatures, drought and extreme precipitation events. (Here is a more detailed look at what to expect for Southern Africa

There is a proven direct link to this happening and the rising CO2 levels brought on by the burning of fossil fuels. Earth is currently 0.9°C warmer than pre industrial temperatures. We are on a trajectory to raise the global temperature by 3.2°C

This will have CATASTROPHIC results!

We have to decarbonize and we have to do it now!

🌍 Become Climate Conscious
👩🏻‍🎓 Become Carbon Literate
🗳️ Vote for change
🌱 Switch to a plant-based diet
🚘 Drive less (switch to EV if you can)
☀️ Switch to renewable energy
✈️ Fly less (the worst transport choice)

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